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    bait replies

    It's rather amusing how people get infracted over silly thing but mods let people harass other members. It completely throws off the conversation in the thread, when you have members talking to each other in a thread with the only context is to bash other members, why is nothing ever done about it? Reporting doesn't seem to work.

    I could careless if someone talks trash to me but at least they could stop derailing the thread.
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    As always it goes on the personal view of the mod who looks at it and not everyone reads things in the same tone or context - as ever, discussing mod actions is against the forum rules and you need to PM a blue for that. People troll/bait/flame all the time, not always going to be caught. It sucks but just report and ignore.

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    We don't consider discussion getting a bit heated or slightly personal as "bait replies". People are naturally emotional and we're not going to ban everyone for being a little snarky. If you feel that the discussion is getting too heated for you, back off and cool down. Someone disagreeing with you, or even accusing you of something is not against the rules or considered a problem, it's part of discussion.

    That isn't to say that people are allowed to get away with name-calling (such as asshole, moron, stupid, etc). That should be reported and we'll take care of it as soon as we can. In addition, topics outright derailed into a new topic will be dealt with, as will page-long fights that get too personal with insults and flaming. If you're unsure, just ask us to look.

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