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    [Ret] Legendary Cloak buggy?

    Hey there

    I have noticed that the legendary cloak wont be triggered when divine storm hits a target from a greater distance. Of course, I updated my weakaura and I simulated this situation in the Order Hall and in dungeons. The result was always the same: the target(s) have been damaged, but the effect of the cloak has not been triggered.

    Can anybody confirm this?

    I play on an EU server und use the legendary cloak and belt, with a weakaura to track the uptime of the effect of the cloak.

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    IIRC DS never worked in a different way... the buff was applied when your initial cast hits a target... The ashbringer then copies the DS and makes the copy move forward - so the initial cast might not hit anything (and thus not apply the buff) and the copy will hit something but NOT apply the buff either.

    Could be wrong but i believe that's the way it's meant to be and the way it always worked.

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    Hey man, and thanks for the feedback but I am actually not talking about the echo cast of divine storm.

    In the order hall, I did it that way: I used my wake on the tank dummy, then i walked with 5 holy power to the smaller dummied on the other side until I had like 10y distance to them and i did my divine storm in their direction.
    Of course the echo hit the dummies, but the initial cast hit them too, before the echo.
    -->Cloak not triggered.

    So, if you are in melee range you are good but e.g. if you have lots of holy power before there is a trashpackpull in a dungeon, better dont use divine storm, cause it wont trigger the cloak, at least for me.

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    Ok this is indeed not as it worked before... Gonna try it myself when i am at home from work later on...

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    It's been doing this since at least 7.1, and possibly before that too.

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    Yeah you have to be within around 9 yards to get it to proc.

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    The way the cloak works is one more proof that they are not giving a flyin shit about details and specially about retribution. If the tooltip was right then there should not be a range or target requirement. As long as you had enough holy power to trigger DS you should receive the buff from the cloak regardless of it hitting a target in x range or just following a cast in the middle of nowhere after you killed a critter around with WoA to get enough hopo
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