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  • They added more customization options and were a good idea

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  • They made it tedious to level up an alt and are pretty much mandatory

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  • They are a good idea, but the RNG aspect ruins it all

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    A stillborn idea that in my books joins "failure of expansion" club together with WoDs garrison, MoPs scenarios and Catas old world overhaul.

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    I've been fire magin' since day 1. I "took a break" for about a month or two mid xpak. During this break I still played but only during the 2 night a week raid we had going.

    I've been hitting it hard lately trying to catch up.

    I'm 9/12 legendaries, and should be 10/12 as soon as I can run another LFR(I'm well overdue at this point, it's been only 1.2 weeks, but I've gotten 2 full runs of LFR, normal, heroic of all the dungeons, ect. I find I can get one every 2 weeks if I get the full 2 week rotation in there(2 full weeks of all raids, daily emissary, daily heroic, big missions, and doing 1 turnin for the isle a day(plus the weekly mythic+ chest which I feel is weighted to give me a greater amount of blp in a lighthanded hidden gating method).

    I estimated mid October to have my 12/12 but it may be late October.

    I swapped to frost long ago, but I want to get 100% of the fire legos.

    I still don't have the bracers, which are bis fire. Missing crap gloves, bis bracers, and new ring.
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    RNG is fine even BIS is fine.

    The problem is when you mix BiS and RNG.

    The "but 970 stats stick" is pretty dumb because ok it is a 970 stats stick but when you got a bis that give over 100k dps due to the passive? Who cares about stats stick in a dominatwbybisitem world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    very fun addition to game - anyone who is semi serious about game is already collecting os legendaries for months now - only ones crying are people who play 15 alts on hardcore level and feel need to max out them all - and those are meaningless and nobody cares about them.
    Not true at all. Lots of people don't have all their main spec legendaries.
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    I like the idea, and let's be honest, 1 year in Legion legendary are only an annoiance if you play Alts. If you stick to 1 character. you shuold have almost all legendary by now.

    And even with Alts it's a minor inconvenience, because you can literally drop 2 legendary in 10 days. Ofc, if you want to min/max every single Alt with BiS legend, well that's another story.....
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    The problem isn't even rng at this point you can easily have all your legendaries for your main spec if you played regularly, the issue is people who have to switch specs, or people who want to play their other specs, or have to like rogues who had to play outlaw at the start of legion, then assa then sub

    Being limited on your other specs and your alts doesn't feel good, you should be rewarded for being able to play multiple specs not crippled
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    I think the purpose of legendaries was to penalize players who come into the expansion late, or don't stay subbed.

    The effect will be to reduce the rate at which people return to WoW before the next expansion releases.
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    Legion Legendaries are absolutely fucking terrible for reasons that have been stated a million times before. They offer disappointment a lot of the time, as well as frustration and burnout. And that's the least of the bad things they do for the game. They are a pain for alts, other specs.

    If I got struck by a hammer to the head and decided I wished to play Survival the next day, I'd have to not play the spec, instead play my main spec for weeks and weeks to get half-decent survival legendaries.

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    Simple fix for next expac :

    1)Remove ALL common legendaries. Those are boring, and for the most part horrible (prydaz, sephuz, mail legs. etc).

    2)Remove most of the spec wide legendaries. Same problem, it's a nice idea. But for most of them they are the worst the spec you play may wear. And they fuck the spec specific bad luck protection, that reason alone is enough to delete them.

    3)Make the drop of the first legendary way faster than it was at launch. Current 7.2.5 droprate of the first two feels nice. Should be kept in the next expansion if the system is kept. Especially when you may wear only one at first. Getting 2 fast helps avoid a too shity RNG

    With all those point the legendaries should work quite fine. Having a lesser pool also help shity RNG of only having the worst one between 12+ items. Having only 5-7 choice for each spec is IMO way enough, especially when all these choice are actually relevant (even if obviously then can't be all BIS).
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    This is a key
    Strongly dislike. RNG and BiS shouldn't be mixed in the way they are.

    The other Hpala in my guild has better legendaries than me and I have 0 chance of being as useful as him based on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehman View Post
    Strongly dislike. RNG and BiS shouldn't be mixed in the way they are.

    The other Hpala in my guild has better legendaries than me and I have 0 chance of being as useful as him based on that.
    And you are an healer, we're actually the gap is less than the dps gap.

    I remember getting the BM shoulder before star augur myth progress, done like 25% more dps than other hunter.

    Too much.

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    although i have all needed leges now, the damage is done, i can't turn back time. having bad leges and not playing fotw class/spec - i had really miserable time at start of expansion. so, yes, it was bad idea to implement these like they did.

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    It adds too much RNG and makes WoW feel like Diablo. But that goes for gear in general too in Legion.
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    Well legendaries were made incredibly easy to get with 7.2 so it's difficult to say. The one thing I do not like is how alts essentially will never get legendaries. Wish there was a way to send one over or something. I think this state. Would work better if only the actual effect of the item was what dropped. This whole 2p and 4p thing is affecting classes legendary choice and I'm not a huge fan of having to use poorly itemized peices because it's the best effect.
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    If they were something you could target effectively and they were focused more on making weaker builts stronger instead of stronger builds mandatory, they'd be solid. As of right now the only way to target them is pathetic (and doesn't even work for rings) and they mostly exacerbate problematic builts by making them even stronger

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    Unstable arcanocrystal annoys me way more than legion legendaries do

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    I just wish they would increase bad luck protection and make they drop more often. At this point most serious players have them all on a main. When they release more they get the one or two more added quickly. So really it only punishes new players and alts at this point. I don't mind it started out the way it did because it needs to be slow. Would be pretty dumb to have them all the first month of the expansion for example. But now? Just doesn't seem to be much of a point in dragging it out another 6 months.

    In other words I think this carrot on a stick is rotting a little and becoming more a deterrent than a lure.
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    I like just about everything about them.

    All the bitching is just baby mentally that demands EVERYTHING to be the best or else its trash. They dont think about that if you remove randomness and luck, you're stuck with a mindless predictable grind (i'll have this upgrade in 2 weeks and 3 days and nothing else in between). And imagine just having a progress guide that tells you when to equip this and when to upgrade what. We need the opposite direction.

    Its the ones that complain they can only use one spec, because they didnt farm perfect legendaries for the offspec. The ones that demand everything they have to be the best immediately. They dont see by keeping offspecs weaker, you make your mainspec stronger. You make your CHOICES stronger. You make the choices you make about the character and the choices you commit to more important. You get more involved in what your character is supposed to be for you and not just a generic character #id4052883 that is identical to just about every other character on the planet playing the same spec.

    Which is the same for the ones that complain about farming for alts. If you expect to have more classes with everything included it just makes your main character less important. I'm not against alts at all, just accept that it completely kills the feeling of having "your own character" if you demand to have 5 others at the same level (progress).

    So if anything Blizz should put in more different legendaries, which will add more options and more choices to be made. Also they should try to somehow get rid of the predictability of the lego drops (killpoints). Its not fun knowing that you should get another one next reset when you clear the raid again and it wont happen before or after for sure.

    Btw a poll with 3 negative and 1 positive (and u dont even seem like u know what u wanna put in the positive one). Not biased right?

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    I think it's ok-ish since the drop rate adjustment towards the middle of NH. Though given that most specs have more than 10 now, it's about time that you can target at least one specific legendary. Otherwise it's quite prohibiting towards players who haven't played their char for all of Legion.

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    Worst feature they have ever added.

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