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    Returning Player, LF Mythic Guild Bench Position, 910 Boomkin

    910 Boomkin. Guardian OS.

    48/52 artifact traits (will have conc by next week)

    Looking for Raid times on weeknights and sunday starting around 8:30 pm EST. Would prefer horde but willing to consider all opportunities.

    I don't have some crazy delusion to be able to step into ToS mythic with a guild immediately, I'm looking for a bench position, come along for heroic clears and gear up. Once sufficiently geared, I would then make a push for a trial for a core spot.

    Veteran player with over 9 years of experience including multiple US top 100 guilds and Realm Firsts.

    Raid History:

    T7: Full Clear with Immortal Title.
    T8: All HM's except 0 Yogg, 0 Yogg complete during ICC.
    T9: 4/5 TOGC 10 and 25, Anub killed during ICC.
    T10: 12/12 Heroic 10 and 25 (25%) with Heroic Halion 25 Kill.
    T11: 11/12 When current, 13/13 Heroic during DS
    T12: Missed due to military deployment, 7/7 heroic during DS.
    T13: 8/8 (25%) Heroic.
    T14: Missed due to military deployment, 16/16 heroic during SOO.
    T15: 5/12 Heroic when current, 13/13 Heroic during SOO.
    T16: 13/13 Heroic Pre 4/4 Valor Upgrade.
    Highmaul: 5/7 Mythic when current, 7/7 Mythic during HFC.
    T17: 12/12 Heroic when current, 2/12 Mythic during HFC (Blackhand Killed).
    T18: 13/13 Mythic.
    EN: 6/7 Mythic while current.

    Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/ch...wildhe%C3%A5rt

    Contact Info: Jirek#1397

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    Hey Jirek. Our guild <Carried> on Horde side on Mal'Ganis is looking for a Boomkin to round out our core raider spot. We're currently 9/9H and moving into Mythic in ToS. We raid Friday/Saturday 10PM-1AM ET and Sunday 8PM-11PM ET. Drop me a message if interested on here or Bnet. Currently farming Heroic and still running normal on sell runs Friday night so gearing up is still there for ya.

    Bnet XzistencE #1970

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