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    Is balance fun spec?

    Im thinking to level my druid , is the spec fun? back on tbc it was my favorite , it had really cool spells but now it looks kinda complicated and strange , its somehow similar to shadow priest , is it me or the spec isnt as fun? is it considered hard?

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    Depens on what you're looking to be fun

    Balance has great choice of talents
    I consider our aoe is very fun with the right mix of talents
    I feel its fun to track dots up
    I love everytime I press Starsurge
    We have great mobility and movement if you can use Stellar Drift (Talent) properly

    I wouldn't say that our single target is the most exciting one, but then again not many specs has a fun single target rotation.

    I have a Druid, Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Paladin and Shaman at max level. I'd say Druid (Balance) is the most fun.

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    Balance rotation definitely isnt too complicated youll get used to it very easily and the guide from Gebuz is a very good baseline for everyone that wants to start of as a balance druid.
    Only real problem that i see is that your damage output is very gear depending with OI and IFE being far better then most other legendarys. But that problem isnt one that only affects balance or druid over all as every class has their BiS legys of course. Some classes may be more dependant on them while others may be less.
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    The only fun thing about balance is seeing the numbers fly when you AOE, otherwise it's the most boring spec I've played in legion.

    But that is entirely subjective. I can't tell you what you'll enjoy, you'll have to test it out for yourself

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