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    Log Analysis + Aura of Sacrifice questions

    So I haven't been happy with my healing for awhile now and I'm going through logs of Sisters attempts trying to figure out my AoSac.

    The tooltip states that 15% of effective heals get transferred to the raid, but I'm having a lot of trouble matching up healing numbers to resultant AoSac healing. I am not sure if it's because something don't count, or because there's some double dipping with the bonus healing from Aura Mastery or Avenging Wrath, or some combination of the two. So:

    1) What heals get folded into AoSac? From the discord fac, Holy Shock, FoL, LotM, and LoD are all a go. But what about things like Beacon heals, trinkets (sea star, Guiding Hand), Priestess enchant heals, other things I haven't thought of?

    2) What does effective heals mean? That just means it doesn't count overhealing correct?

    Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports...4&end=10236882

    Of particular interest, what preceeding heals resulted in the 561541 AoSac heal @ 53.672 seconds?

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    I believe "effective heals" also excludes absorbed heals, which is why many people don't recommend Sac on Sisters.

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    Archive of faith actually works with AM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrubity View Post
    Archive of faith actually works with AM
    Interesting.... I will try it --- although I'm unlikely to switch Sea start or Velen's/Arcanocrystal.

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    If you are gonna use AoS on the Sisters you need to break the absorbshield on one person. And spam heal that person. Or else AoS will not replicate the heal to all the othes. Like use Lay on Hands on 1 person and spamheal that person.


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    AoS is not very good for the shield healing at Sisters because, as said before, it only replicates effective healing and clearing absorbs does not count as effective healing.

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