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    Character alignment is a stupid metric to measure classes by - every class had both good and evil representatives.

    Type of magic that's being used by classes is a more objective metric - there you actually have a more straightforward divide :

    Evil/dark magic - DK, Aff/Demo Warlock, Shadow Priest. DH/Destro lock too potentially - depending on how you see "fel".
    Good magic - Holy priest, paladins.

    Neutral - everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sails View Post
    I literally never mentioned Seline? So ok she's good? Great. I was talking about OP putting different specs in his good and evil classes. Shadow priest in evil and the others in good. Doesn't make sense when his talking about classes and not specs.

    Boss description of Brother Korloff (still in game)

    Brother Korloff first learned of the monk's deadly arts from pandaren ambassadors as they journeyed through Azeroth. When the crusader demonstrated this martial style to his superiors, they unanimously ordered Korloff to train an entire generation of initiates in the ways of the monk.
    Ah ok glad we had the same thought.

    Brother Korloff was added with mop as boss and he is the only plausible monk in scarlet crusade faction, meanwhile the old scarlet monks trash pack were removed with mop due to inconsistency.

    Btw this is just a confirmation that CLASSES are neutral BUT people not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    rogues are actually more evil than warlocks. rogues and priests deal in the only truly evil power in wow, void magic.

    fel can influence you into chaotic behavior, but it's still just a tool like arcane. void has an actual sentience behind it, and it is all consuming.

    tinkers would be a good neutral class. pure technology, no need for magic.
    Warlocks don't use shadow magic?

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