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    Reminded me of the trash after The fallen protectors in SoO. its alright
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    Do my eyes decieve me or is Jaylock banned!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zanzimar View Post
    Do my eyes decieve me or is Jaylock banned!
    He gets banned all the time.

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    Didn't dare to play it live yet.
    Played it at Gamescom and it was zero fun at all. I just wanted to leave but didn't want to the other 4 guys next to me continue without a healer .....
    When I recognized that the area of the dungeon was an exact copy of one part of the Argus map this week I began to hate the dungeon even more.

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    I think they didn't really do anything innovative with the dungeon, but they definitely made some bosses with a really good mixture of mechanics. I did this on a +10 last night as my first time in the dungeon, we finished with about 1 minute to spare.

    The first boss is a nice entry boss to the dungeon, he does just enough to make it not completely steamroll. Also does a good job of introducing mechanics that you'll see used in other ways later on.

    Second boss is a cool council-style fight. I really liked the idea of a council fight into a dungeon. Mechanics were on the easier side, with some of those traps being a little difficult to see. Interrupt rotation is slightly annoying as a mandatory mechanic.

    The third boss, I think, was the most boring of the bosses. Interesting mechanics that were misused. I feel like they should have forced the boss out of middle somehow. Probably easier than the first boss.

    Final boss was awesome. I think the best mechanics in the dungeon. The soak wasn't obvious on our first pull so we wiped once. The only thing I didn't like was trying to operate in such a tiny space because of the camera issues.

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    The bosses were quite fun, but I strongly dislike dungeons of the "mobs scattered all over a broad open area" variety, especially when you fill said area with patrols and randomly spawning adds. It makes it feel as if the dungeon is more about avoiding enemies and awkwardly sneaking around packs rather than actually fighting them. It makes things a lot less memorable and interesting when, instead of having a specifically designed series of encounters that all vary slightly in their layout and composition, you have a lot of near-identical encounters that are just spread haphazardly over a huge area.

    I was also disappointed that the vast majority of the dungeon was just a questing area. It's understandable given that it's a patch dungeon, so asset re-use is to be expected, but I still feel like they could've done a lot more to make it feel different from the ethereal area in the overworld.

    Legion in general has seen a lot of dungeons with "dodge the mobs" segments, which I don't think makes for a particularly good dungeoneering experience, and Seat of the Triumvirate felt like it dialled that up to the next level.

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    it's an okay dungeon, nothing special or innovative. overall it will he disliked because it has too much forced RP that halts progress, there are TWO spots in the dungeon where you have to wait for npcs talking and then click on dialogue with them to continue.

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    Similar to Cathedral it was OK. Not as good as the dungeons that came with launch IMO. I did it on mythic but I honestly didn't understand much of what was happening. I guess on m+ it will be easier to give an opinion about it.

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