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    Race and Religion sub threads

    Race, Religion and Politics, the taboo subjects that not even bad guilds will let you talk about.

    I was told by a moderator that if I don't want to read threads about politics being moderated by biased moderators that I can simply ignore them. With this reasoning we then should allow all taboo subjects. I have lots of thoughts on these subjects that I would love to share, if people don't want to partake they can simply ignore these sub forums.
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    The problem with allowing the taboo subjects is that the forums have over a long period of time proven they cannot have civil discussion about those subjects. That is why they are on the forbidden topic list.

    Until such time we find that posters can handle discussion of those topics without it turning into a flamefest they will stay forbidden topics. For the moment the politics forum has not proven to be a problem like that, so we are keeping it as is.

    Since that closes this subject I'm closing the thread here.


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