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    [H] Resolve - Defias-Brotherhood 9/9 HC - A Pink Bear and a guy called Steve?


    Progress:- 9/9 HC
    Raid Times:- Weds/Sun 20:45 – 23:00 (Server Time)
    Lead by: A pink bear called Moo, A guy known as Steve although his name isn’t really Steve (long Story), A real life Doctor, A sports therapist to heal all your wow related aches and pains, A guy that has a girl’s name according to our GM, and last but not least a Rogue that we can never find (there is a joke in there)!


    • 1 x Frost / Unholy DK
    • 1 X Arms / Fury Warrior
    • 1 x Warlock
    • 1 x Hunter
    • 1 x Balance Druid
    • 1 x Holy Priest / Holy Paladin

    We are not too picky, and are to open to applicants from all people classes that fit with our guilds mentality and personality’s.


    • Is loyal and looking for a long-term guild to call home
    • Wants to enjoy endgame content without the pressure / stress of more serious guilds
    • Competent and competitive player that understands class and always looking to improve
    • Self-starter, in other words know raid boss mechanics and doesn’t need their hand holding each fight
    • Willing to accept feedback from other members and use it to improve
    • Good sense of humor
    • Will log on to DISCORD not only when raiding for social interaction


    • Values people for their personality as much their experience and skill
    • Has a group of people that you can actually talk to and get to know, rather than interact with just through the means of a green coloured font
    • Able to have fun during raids! We joke, make fun of each other, don’t take wipes to heart, occasionally the pink bear will play some tunes on his musical keyboard, we will make Murloc noises on Mistress as a way of warning people adds are up, but even with all this are able to down bosses with ease and we know how to focus when the need to comes along.
    • Has a mindset of helping each other out when it comes to content, whether that be helping to gear alts on HC Alt runs – Mythic weekly chests / advise on class etc.
    • Tends to appeal to older players with most of us in our 20’s – apart from Steve who isn’t called Steve who is referred to also as Grandad who is closing in on 40.
    • Don’t just recruit for the sake of having numbers, or to sit on the “bench” – we always make room for people that want to take part

    Originally known as “Knights of Tramadol” - RESOLVE is closing in on 4 years old so is firmly established and has a strong foundation with the GM being there since its origins. We are unique and experience very little player turnover, and when we have lost players it is generally because they have stopped playing the game, but will still come Discord to chat because of the friendships that they have made in game. We make the effort to involve and include new players, especially when you make the effort to do the same.

    We know all guilds recruit, and typically say the same things – we want to stand out, be different and allow you to see us for who we are. If you are looking for “SERIOUS”, “HARDCORE” raiding then this is the time to close this thread down because that isn’t what we offer. If you are the type of person who only talks using a green font and never opens Discord then you are not for us and you wouldn’t fit in to our guild. What we’re looking for though is additions to our “Family” who make logging in to the game about more than just killing mobs!

    If this is you and you are interested? Feel free to pop along to our DISCORD https://discord.gg/yXDtNG or add me to battlenet mackem1979#2104
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    We are still recruiting for DPS! Help make the Pink Bear called Moo and a guy called Steve happy and come and join us!

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    We are still recruiting DPS and now a Healer!

    Help keep the Pink Bear called Moo alive join [RESOLVE] and chuck him some heals!

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    Why do hardcore raiders smell? Because they never wipe

    With RESOLVE smelling wont ever be an issue!!!

    We are still recruiting for our Mythic Progress team - and I am still trying to make the Pink Bear called Moo happy!!!

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    Moo the PINK BEAR and a guy called Steve are still recruiting for new members for Resolve's attack on Antorus!

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