Hello all!

I've had some RL stuff come up that have forced me to change up my raid times/raid mentality. So with that said here is who I am and what I can offer you right now.

I've been raiding in WoW since TBC (dabbled in vanilla, but not much). I've primarily tanked or healed. I've completed all raids while they were current with the exception of Ulduar and a majority of them have been at least partially completed on the highest difficulty (for example I have been 4/7 M EN, 8/10 M NH, 5/9 M ToS). I'm a new father and since my wife makes more money than I do, I'll be staying at home and watching the baby. This means that I won't be able to raid at my preferred times (mornings) due to needing to take care of the baby.

Therefore I'm looking for something 2-3 nights a week. Weekends probably won't fly, but you never know. I'm looking for a somewhat casual environment, and what I mean is that people are there to have fun, but still know what they are doing. I don't mind wipes due to people being drunk/high but I don't want to be stuck on something for weeks because someone can't figure out how to move out of fire.

I am looking to raid on my monk here. I am confident as Tank/DPS/Heals so I can be plugged in just about anywhere (except the butt). Really would prefer to tank though

Please leave your info or add my Btag: pananda#1469