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    I know they were playing against Leftovers and whatnot but Dignitas once again showing how strong they are. I know people will focus on the "no support" composition, which was impressive ofc, but I was even more impressed by their Towers of Doom performance. People like to tout the 40-0 game, but it wasn't as dominant as this one (I guess the difference in power between the teams is also bigger, but still it was a very dominant performance).

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    Dignitas is looking scary AF this season.

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    They do, but Leftovers really wasn't a serious test. Especially in the third game when they got trolled, they gave up super early. The Hanzo, dunno who played him, semi-afk'ed towards the end of the game, jsut firing a token w now and then.

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    I understand that Leftovers are weak and stuff, but when's the last time you saw a 10min ToD game in pro play? Just for reference TS vs Simplicity game 2 was pretty dominant on the same map (3 level lead pre-10, which they maintained for the rest of the game, 15-0 in kills) and it still took 13 mins.

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    the level of play is getting worse every year.

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    Korea top2 match coming up today, will be awesome

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    Casters keep saying that Method had a slow start and they now found their stride, but I don't quite get it. Sure they got demolished by Dignitas but so has everyone else, and the loss to Fnatic was superclose (came down to 2 core calls that worked in favor of Fnatic).

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    That zoning to get the sappers in by Dig in Game 1 might just be one of the most beautiful things I've seen in this game.

    I was more in favor of Fnatic last year but Dig are just so good now it's insane. I guess I'm a Wubby fanboy after all.

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    Chromi first pick takes Dig's first match

    Also blaze's lategame seems lacking - just as TL vs Tricked
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    It may be, but it felt that Wubby didn't play that well in Tomb tbh. Or well both him and JayPL were heavily punished by TL's tools (that's Arthas, Johanna, Cursed Bullet, Slowing Sands and Twilight Dream). Must have been very annoying to play a warrior vs that comp.

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    Mah rubbish. Hope tomorrow will be even better dig vs fnatic

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    2nd map (Towers of Doom) of Spacestation Gaming vs Team Freedom is definitely worth a watch.

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    Dig too strong, even Fanatic gets run over it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zahard View Post
    Dig too strong, even Fanatic gets run over it seems.
    It's a combination of Dig being too strong and Fnatic being too weak really.

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    Hah 3 "tank" again They love to play with their food.

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    2nd place is actually in Method's hands at the moment. They will move to 2nd if they 3-0 Leftovers today and then they need to match (or better) Fnatic's score next week (Fnatic vs TL, Method vs Tricked).

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    Next week will be interesting, while Dig is currently on their own level these 4 seem to be roughly on the same level. Snitch mentioned Tricked being strong besides Method in their scrims.

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    I was thinking that, now that 4 teams per region go to the Clash, we could be seeing NA finally winning a series over EU.

    As for Fnatic, I expected them to be weaker than Dig, but the worrying part is that they don't seem to have improved whatsoever from their (mediocre at best) showing at GCWC. Meanwhile Dig, who were already superior then, have gone on to become even better. Method have also started to hit their stride so it'll be interesting to see how things evolve from here on out.

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    What happened to KSV Black (and Tempest for that matter)?
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    What happened to KSV Black (and Tempest for that matter)?
    Anyone saw the cool Samuro play in HGC Korea today? I cheered so hard

    Damn, why are blizzard HGC people so slow with the VODs and results? Disgraceful. Instead of having 2-3 commentators they should have one guy who covers the website...
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