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    Premium sub with paypal and no credit card

    I tried to subscribe by paying with paypal. Unfortunately paypal requests that I give in my credit card details. I have none attached to paypal account. I never give my credit card details in the internet and always pay with paypal balance. Apparently this option is unavailable with the recurring subscription type of services (I have enough cash on my paypal balance)? Is there a possibility to provide 1-time payment option instead of a sub?

    Also, I tried to send this message using "contact us", but after pressing send I was greeted with "invalid redirect URL" error, therefore I'm posting in this thread.

    vBulletin Message
    Invalid Redirect URL (https://www.mmo-champion.com/newthre...ewthread&f=253)
    (with the url changing depending on which site I opened the form from)
    I have enough of EA ruining great franchises and studios, forcing DRM and Origin on their games, releasing incomplete games only to sell day-1 DLCs or spill dozens of DLCs, and then saying it, and microtransactions, is what players want, stopping players from giving EA games poor reviews, as well as deflecting complaints with cheap PR tricks.

    I'm not going to buy any game by EA as long as they continue those practices.

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    Got your message and replied. It's something I'll keep in mind for v2 of the system, but all payments have to go through our payment processor, which doesn't seem to offer that option without significant additional work at this time.

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