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    "Disconnected" issue

    Hi all. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. If it isn't, then please forgive me and move this threat.

    I wonder if I am the only one having some issues with connection at WoW at the last few weeks.
    When I'm playing, everything suddently stops working. My spells freeze, the characters don't load, when I'm in combat all animations stop and nothing happens. Basically, I am disconnected. But the game won't kick me. And it happens quite often for me.
    I tried opening a ticket at Blizzard support and it didn't helped a bit.

    This threat is not to complain about the game or anything like that, but to know if there are any more people with the same issue. And maybe if we can find a solution together.

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    Have you tried turning your computer off and on again?

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    My first thought is that the computer is overheating (or rather something in it is). So...

    1) If this is a desktop PC, remove the cover. Is it dusty, dirty, etc? IF so blow it out with some compressed air. Power it up and make sure the fans are all turning, etc.

    2) Where is the computer? I see a lot of people put it on the floor, nbetween a wall and a desk with little airflow. Computers need some airflow and they need to now be dusty which inhibits heat loss.

    If it's a laptop, you can sometimes remove the back case and see the fans. I've seen fans so clogged with dust that they basically have a little disk of lint in them. Rather obviously, they dont work well like that.

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