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    As others have mentioned, you'd have to limit it to those crimes whose statutes have passed.

    For crimes with no statutes of limitation (such as murder), I think that you'd have to establish an arbitrary number of years when the crime has gone cold and ceased active investigation.

    Even if it was possible for this to "do good", I don't think society would be willing to accept it.

    If people *knew* such and such killed their child, many would pursue the vengeance the justice system has washed its hands of.

    The only way I could see this working is similar to a confessional, where the person's deeds and anonymity are protected, but the relevant information can be released to the police/victims as needed.

    Honestly, there's a lot of programs like this out there already, but you know... it depends a lot on trust.

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    A bunch of psychopaths aren't going to suddenly confess because it's made into a holiday.
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    Why wait for confessionday when you can spit it out right here on the forums?
    Nice try, current victim.
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    statutes of limitation, plea deals, pardons... seems like nothing but holes.
    Well, I was speaking about the ideal.

    We all know reality is nowhere near the ideal.
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    That's just as stupid, and would yield the exact same problem: vigilantism. Just because you say "oh that doesn't count" doesn't mean that people simply wouldn't care and would fight each other over it regardless.

    Kind of like if I tried to steal a TV during the Purge "without consequence" the guy behind the counter would shoot me in the face "without consequence." So I wouldn't. Pretending like you could just waive that away is ridiculous wishful thinking.

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    Why wait for confessionday when you can spit it out right here on the forums?
    I stole a pack of candy once by accident because I left it in my pocket. I never returned it.

    The guilt will weigh upon me until the end of my days, for I don't remember what store I did that to.

    There was also that time I "cheated" on a test, thinking that using the calculator built in to the computer on a computerized math test was just a "clever use of game mechanics" sort of thing. Turns out it wasn't, and I got a zero on it.

    I kicked my sister's dog at one point because I was really mad at its constant barking, but came around and now pamper it mercilessly in penitence. That's probably the worst thing I can think of.
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    Terrible idea. Plus very unrealistic. Not going to happen. Thankfully.

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    I've got to give you credit though, this is the only 100% unanimous poll I've seen in my life.

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    Nope, people would commit terrible crimes the day before then get away with it because the police are too overworked to deal with them all.
    This. It would essentially create a purge which is somehow what the OP suggested he didn't imply. In creating something to deem not a purge you inadvertently make one.

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    So instead of a one day purge you create a two day one?

    Rob a bank on Purge day, confess on Confession day. Retire on an island.

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    22-0, haven't seen a poll this onesided in awhile. This is a terrible idea; people would confess on that day just to be safe from repurcussions, and I'm sure the violent crime rate on that day would be sky high as well. "Yeah, I raped this whole household of women just now. But I confess, so I'm gonna go head and move across town to another target!"

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    Nice try, current victim.
    Not my fault your Wi-Fi password sucks
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    Law enforcement would have a lot of catching up to do from all the revenge after the confessions, unless they make vigilantism legal after one of these confessions.
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