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    Real men use scourge strike.
    not in PvP.

    I am a menace to my own destiny.

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    Yea about Arms never delaying buttons you must not have Ayala's Stoneheart ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryuji View Post
    I'm glad they did away with holy power for prot and holy, cause those specs feel pretty good(compared to Cata-WoD versions imo). Ret's window of opportunity with judgement feels...ehh.
    This guys sentiment exactly. Prot and Holy feel so good right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TS26 View Post
    I miss playing ret paladin. Every time I see a ret I automatically wish I was back to playing my Pre legion ret .

    I hate what they did to the spec. They removed our spells. Removed hammer of wrath, removed exorcism. I've been playing ret from BC to legion, always loved it to the point where I currently have 3 paladins but legion ret is just awful. I am not talking dps wise or anything. The playstyle is just bad. It feels like a warrior but with a holy taint on it. I hate the window style dps where I have to rely on the window to do good damage.

    same thing with me bro, switched my main to a frost mage. Hate Blizz for ruining Ret bad this patch .

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    Used to play paladin in beta.

    I went retribution paladin main in Wotlk and have not looked back.

    Tbh the class is in much better shape now than it ever has been, except for some EXCEEDINGLY short moments of time in various expansions where it was overtuned, and was nerfed into the fucking ground.

    I disagree with the general dumbing down of the game, but that has hit everyone and not just paladins.

    Too many people are negative nancies. Ofc I don't raid mythics and shit, but tbh our "mobility" is not an issue, there are 0 fights where if you have cavalier as a talent you can't manage to move around.

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    I enjoy the new RET, I'm playing Paladins since many years now and I will never change!

    I have many paladins too lol

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    I play Ret still, but it is hell boring compared to pre-legion yeah And the playstyle just feels bad... mon

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    Quote Originally Posted by reemi View Post
    I enjoy the new RETl

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