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    Quote Originally Posted by Arainie View Post
    How about yes?
    Any logs? I'm around 1-1.4 m. overall dps on 15-20 lvls on this week. Would love to see what you are doing and improve myself.
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    show logs, i dont believe you.
    you would be the best shadow in the world or at least top 3 on all dungeons on all those levels.
    even compared to fortified logs.
    either you are exaggerating or your ingame parser doesnt devide the damage by the time you are outside of the fight. only by the time you are infight.

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    These number comparissions will get you no where. You can do good damage as shadow if your fellow dps is bad and your tank is good.
    You will do no dps as shadow if you dpsers are good.

    And by "no dps" I mean you might do 60-70% of a good rogue/warrior/affli lock, which can still be 2m++ overall if the dungeon and affixes are appropriate. Problem is that we rely more heavily on affixes and a bad dps group than skill.

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