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    Weakauras for Soulbomb/Soulburst

    Hey guys. I need help creating weakauras.

    I am not too good with weakauras, but I am trying to build one for Soulbomb/Soulburst on Argus. The problem is that even with a marker over their head, people still seem to explode in the middle of the raid.

    So here is what I want it to do :
    A WA icon that will tell someone to go to {insert marker here} depending on where BigWigs or DBM tells them to go.

    As an example : BigWigs puts the circle marker on the guy that has the Soulbomb. I would like the Weakauras to tell the guy "Soulbomb go to {circle marker}". Same thing for Soulburst. I would like it to work with DBM too.

    We adapt the world markers accordingly, so thats not a problem.


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    Maybe off topic, but : if they don't move at all, this won't help.
    As a RL with some experience with raiders sleeping on their keyboards, just use a standard WA with a loud as fuck sound effect playing on show. At least they won't stand in the middle of the raid.

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