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    Sample kill dates for various guilds from ToS vs Antorus

    I originally started writing this to try and show that most guilds were on Sisters 3 1/2 weeks in to Tomb, but it's so hard to tease out of wowprogress what progression looked like at a certain point in time that I started just looking up various guilds. If someone is bored at work and wants to fill in the weeks various guilds got their kills I'll add it.

    Mythic Tomb / Mythic Antorus
    Week 1: June 27 / Dec 5
    Week 2: July 4 / Dec 12
    Week 3: July 11 / Dec 19
    Week 4: July 18 / Dec 26
    Week 5: July 25 / Jan 2
    Week 6: Aug 1 / Jan 9
    Week 7: Aug 8 / Jan 16
    Week 8: Aug 15 / Jan 23
    Week 9: Aug 22 / Jan 30
    Week 10: Aug 29 / Feb 6
    Week 11: Sept 5 / Feb 13
    Week 12: Sept 12 / Feb 20
    Week 13: Sept 19 / Feb 27
    Week 14: Sept 26 / March 6
    Week 15: Oct 3 / March 13
    Week 16: Oct 10 / March 20
    Week 17: Oct 17 / March 27
    Week 18: Oct 24 / April 3
    Week 19: Oct 31 / April 10
    Week 20: Nov 7 / April 17
    Week 21: Nov 14 / April 24
    Week 22 (final week for Tomb): Nov 21 / May 5

    Dates Selected Guilds Got Maiden, Fallen Avatar, and KJ
    Method--Jun 29, July 4, July 16
    Exorsus--Jun 29, July 7, July 23
    Limit--July 1 (Week 1), July 23 (week 4) and KJ Aug 5 (Week 6)
    Easy--July 1, July 15, Aug 16
    Strawberry Puppy Kisses--July 18, Aug 3, Sept 1
    Infinity--July 19, Aug 21, Sep 14

    Obscure Reference US40--Aug 4, Aug 30, Sept 29
    IMBA US 59--Aug 11, Sept 12 (week 12), Oct 11
    Plummit US 100--Aug 25 (Week 9), Sept 29 (week 14), Oct 24
    Barracuda US 150--Sept 5, Oct 5 (week 15), Nov 9
    Best Friend Forever, US 200--Sept 18, Oct 30, Nov 20
    Reprieve, SCH, and Falconwing Square, Final 3 guilds to get M-KJ, US ~250--Nov 28 possibly before the servers went down for KJ (I can't tell, the timings are in Greenwich Mean Time or something a kill at 5 pm Pacific is listed as 0101 hours), Roughly Halloween for FA

    On Thursday of the fourth week (Dec 28), here's where those guilds are:
    Method 11/11
    Exorsus 11/11
    Limit 11/11
    Easy 11/11
    Strawberry Puppy Kisses 10/11
    Infinity 10/11

    Obscure Reference 7/11
    IMBA 9/11
    Plummit 9/11
    Barracuda 6/11
    Best Friend Forever 6/11
    Reprieve 4/11

    But just as one example, Pummit killed the third-to-last boss in week 9 of Tomb, and the third-to-last boss by week 3 of Antorus.

    If this tier turns out to be too easy, it'll be a bummer. I would have loved for Portal Keeper to be harder in particular, I really liked the concept there. And Varimathras could have been tuned harder, he seems to just be falling over for most guilds. Eonar--I'm glad she's easy, if she was tough it'd take a lot of class stacking. And Imonar...I also like the concept of where the bridge crossing was going, but immuning / sacrificing the tank as they cross the bridge for everyone kind of negates what seemed to be a big part of the intended design.

    Although Antorus being easy won't be so bad if BfA ships earlier than most expansions did. If it's a year from the announcement though, which has been typical, summer 2018 is gonna be a rough time for attendance in the World of Warcraft. I think it could be as early as July, though, with September probably being the most likely (just my 2c).

    Again, if anyone is bored at work please reply by changing
    Method--Jun 29, July 4, July 16 to Method--Jun 29 (Week 1), July 4 (Week 2), July 16 (Week 3)
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    Well it's no brainer that this tier is easier than ToS, our guild is as average as it gets raiding 2 nights a week and we're already on Kin'garoth.

    Everything up to Imonar was really trivial and Imonar itself was about on the level of Sisters for us, probably easier, I'd say. Kingaroth - seems to be easy too, we literally waltzed into it during holiday raid and made a couple of sub-50% pulls already first time we seen it.

    It just feels much easier so far, we did not get to anything that is on the level of Mistress yet and that's 7 bosses already, as opposed to ToS where already 4th boss was somewhat troublesome and 5th a wall.

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    4th was somewhat troublesome, I think you meant 6th for mistress who was both a wall and difficult to re-clear after you got her because the eels could randomly get blown up by someone, and then maiden was a ~150 pull boss that was also difficult to re-clear for several weeks...and then the fun began.

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    So Saturday of week 6:
    41 guilds worldwide now have 11/11, including Strawberry Puppy Kisses
    IMBA is 10/11 as is Infinity
    Obscure Reference 9/11
    Plummit 9/11
    Barracuda 7/11
    Best Friend Forever 8/11
    Reprieve 6/11

    In ToS the 41st Cutting Edge went out to Alacrity on Sep 7, which was on week 11.

    On week 6 of ToS progression, Limit got World 9 and a Chinese guild on Marrowgar got World 10. Libertad didn't get world 11 until week 7.

    For the non-bleeding edge, with 3 raid nights to go in week 6, US100 Dark Forest is at 9/11, US250 Wildcard Gaming is at 7/11, and US500 Gravy is 5/11.

    A lot of the guilds that just barely got Cutting Edge in T20 were just beginning Mistress progression on week 6. It's kinda funny actually, a lot of these guilds have their first Desolate Host kill in July and then their first Mistress kill in mid September--she was not an easy boss.

    Edit: At 9 pm Monday pacific it's actually up to 53 kills.
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    Monday night of week 7, very few new kills probably due to the Mythic Argus bugs and raid lag from patch 7.3.5. Kill count at 60 at 11:30 pacific. 260 world aggramar kills, and ~250 US Kin'Garoth kills. Roughly 525 US kills of the first five bosses.

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