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    Quote Originally Posted by codeparadox View Post
    Why can't it be something as simple as, "I am a PVE only player and I don't want to be dragged onto a PVP server only to be repeatedly ganked while trying to summon the lazy people in my party/raid?"
    This is exactly why I would love such an addon. Or if the existing looking for group addons incorporated this kind of feature where they flag a group if it will be transferring you to a PvP server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spalding View Post
    As an Aussie based player who tends to raid with US players, normally Ragnaros and a few other servers have majority of terrible players. Also there can be communication issues due to language barriers. Makes me wonder how people in the EU play considering there are so many languages there. I mean no disrespect to any of the servers or players in my comment.
    you can choose what languages you can see in the menu, but i dont know if i cant be saw by these servers

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    apparently these naysayers have never played with anyone from Rangnaros-US, great idea for an addon

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    Quote Originally Posted by tibblaye View Post
    so you're judging everyone on a server due a small handful of them? ...... just wow
    Better than judging a stranger for them wanting an addon that does something they would automatically do regardless of your personal ideals.

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    I would suggest to open your eyes, and think about what servers you don't like, then click decline on the group request. I mean, your raid group obviously doesn't need people overall, so you have a few moments to just click to decline, doesn't take long anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spalding View Post
    AMakes me wonder how people in the EU play considering there are so many languages there.
    We speak English, German, French, Spanish or Russian depending on which LFG pool you pick your group from. Matchmaking in LFD, LFR and PvP is English.
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    I see people wondering why the OP wants this, they haven't played with some specific servers, e.g. Hakkar EU (at least previous expansions, haven't seen them in a while tbf) are full of Italian players in which I haven't seen ONE of them who isn't awful at the game. I don't mind carrying through dungeons at all, but when they body-pull stuff and die, or don't do tactics (think back to ZG/ZA back in.. cata? that was the worst) - it's not fun.

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