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    Quote Originally Posted by Killmaim Deathbringer View Post
    Ah then happy will come to you when you must not use RAF otherwise you are ineligible for the armour friend
    You only become ineligible if you boost a toon, not if you level with the extra xp.

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    Really, This is not fun, try it.

    I thought there will be somme challenge, but nah, mobs are just a fat bag of HP that take so long to be kill, but there are still doing NO damage at all.

    It is as boring as it was on SWTOR on release, without the good scenario.

    Really, level your character right now. It is probably not fun to one shot everything, but facing wall of hp that hit like a child aren't better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirCowdog View Post
    Just as a point of interest:

    Since there's going to be a lot of new characters and alts being made, what are the horde/alliance heavy servers these days? I mean the ones that are almost entirely one faction or the other?
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