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    Fishing Artifact in BoA

    I remembered hearing that the fishing artifact was staying relevant for BoA. Is that confirmed? Just wondering if it would be worth it to work on it now while I have some free time since i figure fishing might be a bit bigger of a deal with all the damn islands. Thanks!

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    Do you mean Battle for Azeroth (BfA)? I guess you do. I think on the Q&A after Blizzcon Ion said that Fishing Artifact will infact stay after Legion. I hope we get to keep the Walk on Water and the shark traits. The shark one (when under water transform into a shark giving you very fast swim speed + breathing) is very handy since you can swap weapons at any time even in combat.

    Edit: It is definately worth if you have time and gold to spare. You can buy all the baits from AH pretty cheaply. Even if you don't find all of them it shouldnt take you more than a couple of hours.

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    I did mean BfA, my bad. And thank you, I'll start working towards it a bit.

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