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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE heavy ability references to WC3. Absolutely loved the Warden hero.
    Wouldn't that be pretty much Zeratul though? His basic abilities are identical to what Warden had in W3.

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    Maiev doesn't have a support profile, considering her background...Feels like an assassin to me [insert WarcraftAssassinMeme here]. Rip people thinking it finally was a Diablo hero. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by melzas View Post
    Wouldn't that be pretty much Zeratul though? His basic abilities are identical to what Warden had in W3.
    Lol... I guess you're right. Hmm, I wonder what they'll do in that case. Really the only major difference is the Spirit of Vengeance ultimate.

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    With any luck they will turn her into a nifty anti-mobility specialist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treeskee View Post
    With any luck they will turn her into a nifty anti-mobility specialist.
    An "Imprison" ability is highly likely. Would be funny if she hard countered Illidan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    An "Imprison" ability is highly likely. Would be funny if she hard countered Illidan.
    If she has any ability that deals damage based on movement, especially with bonus damage on ability movement, then she def would counter Illidan, given that he has to dash every 4 seconds to do max damage, and you always see those illidans who just dive/dash every time its on CD like a bimbo.

    Would also counter Tracer and Genji.

    I can see her being more like Cassia though - A niche pick that excels at one thing, but is only decent in other scenarios.
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    Maiev and Illidan Valentines Day Skins please! hahaha

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    As a huge WarCraft 3 fan, any character from that game is a thumbs up in my book. Maiev has a cool design and a really cool voice (don't care what people say about her voice in Legion, she was still as awesome). Glad to have her in the Nexus.

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    Day 910, Not a single Draenei hero was talked about

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    Kinda curious what her kit'll be like. Maybe another Valeera type hero who locks down people well with something like Imprisonment, as people mentioned.

    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    Oh look it's Zeratul!
    Who only has stealth during the GoT night phase!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honik View Post
    Day 910, Not a single Draenei hero was talked about
    This! So much this. Been waiting for a draenei hero since the beginning and it is the only playable WoW race still missing (if you count Sylvanas as forsaken and Chromie as gnome)

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    This is awesome! I love Maiev!

    I hope they don't make her an assassin though, especially since we have a night elf assassin already. A specialist or even a tank would be quite unique for Maiev. Using dodge to avoid enemy hits and having spell resistance (since Maiev is like that) or using some traps of sorts and summoning the Spirit of Vengeance.

    Quote Originally Posted by telygroar View Post
    Well, if we go for the warcraft thing, she will have aoe poison fan of knives, trap to stop people ?
    I imagine that her heroic ability will be "Imprisoned" where she captures your hero and you can't play that hero anymore for the rest of the game. Unless you're Illidan, then you can't play that character anymore for 10.000 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerrol View Post
    That sucks, but no reason to completely ruin a character's voice. Just get a different voice actress.
    People would lose their shit at that, and she'd also not be able to effectively voice the character in future - people question when a voice actor changes with no valid reason (e.g. child grows up so an adult voice makes sense), but they lose their shit when the voice then changes back to what it was originally. People understand why it might have had to happen, but they don't excuse it.

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    Reminder that today's HGC games for EU start in just over 2 hours. Maiev's spotlight will premiere after the first series!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snorri View Post
    Debi Mae West is 53 years old and not a smoker. I'm sure she will voice Maiev again.
    And she should.
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    Got confirmation from streamer i watch HGC streams. Maiev is Assasin.

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    Spotlight coming up in a few minutes.

    - - - Updated - - -

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    She looks good in 1v1 situations. But... as all the other mobile-hero-counter I wonder how she plays out in actual team. They tend to be Achilles' heel on the team. Hope she doesn't turn out to be another quick match only hero, that's only niche/bottom tier in ranked and competitive play.
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    That's one of the most interesting kits I've seen on a hero for quite some time. High skill cap, high punishment potential.

    Her wave-clear should be strong but at the same time she has no self-sustain and her skills rely on hitting heroes to recharge so it'll be interesting to see if she can hold her own on a sololane.

    @Zahard: I'm assuming her single target damage is going to be pretty low, so I wouldn't say she's good 1v1. I also don't see her seeing too much play in ranked on account of her being a melee assassin with no self-sustain but we'll see.

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    Why the garbage bin look (stocky and full helmet) and not the classic WC III one (elegant and leather mask)? The skillset certainly looks interesting though.

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