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    Blood Trinket Help

    Recently boosted a Blood DK last weekend after deciding what to spend my boost on from expansion pre-order. I tanked a 16 key on monday, and opened my chest this morning and got this trinket at ilvl 965:

    Is this a decent trinket for Blood? Or should i just get rid of it.
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    not ideal for defense nor offense, but very good and very rare

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    First of all its a lot of haste so good, the proc itself is strong but has a problem that it can procc on your attacks, so e.g. when not tanking (less problematic in m+). I have it on my dk (at 940 i think) for some time now and still use it - made a weak aura to track when its up and make sure to not use cds during that time (keep in mind it starts low armour and stacks up during the procc) unless magic heavy ability comes - in the end i would say its a verry good m+ trinket with some flaws in raids (procc on dps when not tanking)

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    I'd say it's "fine" but with better option IMO if you are looking for damage or durability. I was hardly a fan of proc trinkets for tanking unless it was a cheat death type. I like to have control over my mitigation as a tank and feel like procs can easily be wasted.
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    If you have nothing else its a strong trinket that'll smooth out damage when you're activly tanking, its a good find out of the M+ box for a fresh boosted toon!

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    That's a rare one and got a pretty good ability.

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    Grats. I got that (930) sometime around Tomb and didn't take it off until I got Diima's. So late in the xpac though that you should be rocking double DPS trinkets.

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