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    Yeah these pet changes are fucking pathetic...
    In Battle for Azeroth, all pets will have equal damage, health, and armor. All can tank or DPS equally.

    Maintain and/or reinstate pet family uniqueness
    ok... well i'm glad i dropped this POS long ago.

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    So it looks like Spirit Beasts are going to be Tenacity. Pretty excited about that extra health and defensive cd in raids

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    REALLY loving what I'm hearing about hunters. I feel like they're bringing back the purpose in taming multiple pets that's been insignificant for ages. It was losing that that made me so bored with my hunter.

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    How about hunters that like everything about the class but pets? Can we have lone wolf in surv?
    I remember before WoD Blizz said that they see survs taking malicious ammo(?), so they think that people dont like lone wolf at surv. But people took that mostly because it was better balance-wise, not gameplay-wise.

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