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    Why is this allowed? Or how, rather?

    So, I logged in to MMO-C today to see this:

    Which is a boosting/third-party service. Yet your rules, as stated here:

    The following topics are not to be discussed on MMO-Champion on penalty of ban.

    Gold-selling/Account selling or trading websites
    Buying or selling of items in-game or in real life
    Keyloggers, hoaxes/phishing websites
    Activities considered illegal by Blizzard Entertainment (botting, hacking, cheating, exploiting,...)
    Religious opinions/debates
    Hateful language about race, religion, country (Example: US vs. EU threads), political beliefs, etc.
    Race or Ethnicity that is not fantasy in nature
    Gender identity
    Nudity/Sexually explicit content
    Content that is considered illegal by law
    Referral links for contests, promotions, or anything else
    Medical advice
    Graphic violence or gore

    So I pose the question, is MMO-C in control of what ads are shown on this website? If so, why are you guys posting this stuff but infracting/banning members for even discussing it. Isn't that a classic double-standard? I know you need ads and premium subs to help fund the site, but uh... you have a rule against this kind of thing. I'm also pretty sure Blizzard would frown upon advertising this kind of thing.
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    We absolutely do not want these types of ads to show up any more than our users do which is why we have an entire thread stickied for people to report them. You can find that thread here:

    Please post any bad ads you see there with the relevant information we ask for in the first post.

    Closing this.

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