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    What race is your paladin and why?

    I'm curious what race(and gender) you chose for your paladin and what the reason is for that.

    I'm currently human male paladin since it just...fits it feels like for me. I think of Uther, the Highlords Alexandros Mograine and Tirion Fordring, Turalyon, etc.

    I know some people consider humans boring but to me, armor looks best on them. I have been thinking of race changing to a male Lightforged Draenei though... but I can't get past the hoof thing. >_>
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    Blood elf for arcane torrent.. the aoe silence + extra holy power is nice. Also, slutmog

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    Blood elf, was the only horde option on creation in TBC/Wotlk.

    And no Nightborne/Highmountain paladin options, and not looking like Zandalari will be either.

    Why not regular Tauren? Already have a Tauren Priest, feels more unique due to it being the only Cloth class option.
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    Dwarf. Just because it is a dwarf.
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    Blood elf because tauren paladins are ridiculus bullshit and elven paladins are cool and fuck playing alliance

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    My main paladin is Draenei, and I made a new LF Draenei paladin that's like 27 or 28. I have a human paladin on one of my extra accounts but eh, she bores me.
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    Dwarf, I always felt like Paladins belonged on Alliance and I enjoy the theme of a holy Dwarf with a hammer. Tempted to level a Lightforged Draenei, though.

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    Human cause Uther

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    Blood elf female well because that ass and casting animation.

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    A human male because my Paladin is Mograine.
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    Human, because I originally modeled his look after my own IRL.

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    Tauren. PRAISE THE SUN!

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    Draenei, namely for their racial story, and I'm fascinated by the idea of alien holy warriors/crusaders.

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    Not horde as on creation horde couldn't be pallys.
    Not dwarf because 2h spinning like a top looks silly...
    Not goat-legs as they did not exist in 'nilla.

    Come BC.......

    No switching to horde to be an elf... yuck elf pally....
    Male-goat men look like they have a corn cob shoved up their butt. Did not want to be female.

    As for now..... been Human to long to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teri View Post
    Blood elf, was the only horde option on creation in TBC/Wotlk.
    Exactly this. Not paying to race change to something that looks and feels even more thematically wrong to me either.

    I did make my first toon ever a Human Paladin because I was a Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 player and it's just how Paladins were supposed to be in my mind. Eventually also spent a stint on Alliance side during Cata and I race/faction changed to Draenei cuz of that TBC cinematic where you see Maraad gearing up into T4. Just looks cool as shit (and I had the set)
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    Dwarf because I love Dwarves.

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    BE because horde. Female since I might aswell enjoy the posterior view in 3rd person

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    Was female Draenei initially, but since I transferred my main to horde about a year or so ago, now it's belf. Way better casting animations in any case

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    She used to be a human, now she's a Lightforged Draenei! =) I race-changed because they are super pretty, and their racial burst is SUPER cool!
    thinly veiled high elf thread

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    Blood elf. Because I didnt want to play a Tauren at the time, but now I'd be perfectly fine with playing a tauren if the race chance wasnt so incredibly overpriced. And because I dont play Alliance anymore.

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