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So my alt is stuck on "The Mark" quest which requires revered with Valarjar. Since I have mostly skipped Stormheim campaign during leveling as I despise it, I decided to do it now, but the quests don't give me any reputation. Is it intended and if it is, how the hell am I supposed to increase the fucking reputation? I thought they were doing away with those gates that prevent you from playing alts.
Depends on the quests. Some give you rep, some don't. Hemet Nesingwary for example would be a waste of time for Valarjar reputation. In the same way not all quests in Suramar give that rep. It's a little annoying but I mostly just do all the quests for the gold anyway and to be thorough.

The campaign will get you to honored-ish, then do world quests and the bonus when available. Revered shouldn't take terribly long. Align it with things like the 10% rep buff from the darkmoon faire or the weekend event for rep gains if it's that awful for you and you're patient.