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    It would be nice, but it would be obviously exploited.


    /sniffs the members of MMO- C.
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    I personally think the trial should give you basically everything up to level 60, with all features except AH, guild bank and mail, unless you buy the latest expansion or buy something from the in game store with real money.

    (I also think guilds need revamping, and I think charters should be a part of that that gets the axe.)

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    Why not? Its nothing special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razion View Post
    Solo guilds are already doable, so how would it be worse? Is the amount of people who want to make a solo guild - who haven't already - really so high? And if there is such a significant demand for it, wouldn't it be good to satisfy that demand? Wouldn't that make solo players happier? Wouldn't it also make starter players happier? It seems to me like solo players are going to be solo anyway. As for the perks - does it really impact others' experience negatively for some random solo player to have these perks?
    So because people can abuse the guild system to make personal bank toons, even though Blizzard is not super happy with it, they should make it super easy for people to do because it's already a thing?

    I mean, you can solo old raids currently, maybe blizzard should just make it so you could solo all raids? No? Oh, that's a dumb idea you say?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razion View Post
    Why not be able to sign a charter if it just makes them a member to help someone out? I agree limiting bank and rank access would be a given.
    Because then it can be abused, as well, you can't open trade with them if you wish to 'reward' actual players.
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    Short answer? Yes.

    Explanation? So I can just use starter accounts to sign my own charter. People expect like 5k for signatures nowadays, it's crazy.

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