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    I just change some of the casting. Travis Fimmel is a fanstatic actor, and he was damn good in this, but in wasnt Lothar. Unless they were going for a young Obi Wan thing, like Obi Wan was in TPM. But wilder and looser, rougher around the edges. Lothar should have been just like Ser Barrister Selmy was in GoT, but in his mid to late 30's. And Dominic was a terrible choice for King Teneras, but hell so was his part of the script.

    I'd change that and send the Lothar, Khadgar, Gorgona campfire scene through a few more polishes.

    But I love that movie. They really need to make a second one. So good.
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    I think the main problem for me besides the alterations to the story was the male orcs. Yeah they looked intimidating but they were way too big. One of durotans fingers was as big as baby thrall.

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    The movie was a high pace, slow down and add more character depth

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    Actually make it follow the books/games for one.
    The story was good enough for 3 rts games and a shit load of novels, I'm sure a more faithful adaptation is possible.
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    It's perfectly valid that you may or may not have liked the Warcraft movie, it was quite the divisive beast, but let's say, how would you have made it franchise better, continue on and be worthy of a sequel?

    Personally, I think it should have been told from the perspective of adventurers, someone outside the alliance so you can better develop characters. The movie had incredibly weak character development.

    With Lothar you learn: He is the supreme military authority of Stormwind (Second to the King) fighting against extinction, and he has a son and sister with a close relationship with the crown - This is a weak character that should have been secondary, used to represent the idea of Stormwind.

    With Durotan: You learn he has a son, a wife, and opposes Gul'dan because he wants a future for his people. All of this could have been told very simply in a set of dialogue to a member of a cast of adventurers.

    I honestly believe the movie should have been cast to be similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of mercenaries, adventurers who are hired to help against the Horde in the war, maybe throw a Frostwolf character into their ranks.

    Have them free Lothar from the Deadmines, have them help take down Medivh and with the evacuation of Stormwind when it burns. (As it's supposed to!) Have Garona have that actually heartwrenching moment when she is forced by Gul'dan to kill Llane.

    What would you have preferred, would you want it told from the perspective of Arthas, perhaps? Or a completely unique story?
    Well that's easy.

    Stick to the actual bloody lore.

    Among many things I could name In the movie, like Doomhammer being Frostwolf and not Blackrock, Lothar having a son or the King dying because reasons and not cause Garona was forced to by Gul'dan.

    But the most annoying to me as a Horde fanboy was the near-end, the Mak'gora which was so stupid and made no sense. Mostly due to all of the movie not making sense lore-wise and so the Mak'gore wouldn't make sense either.

    First, Gul'dan was considered an elder, a shaman..ish person of respect who had no true position of power other than "Advisor" to the big guys, which in this case should've been Blackhand. And he was still the Warchief which Is good, but that means you'd have to challenge HIM, the actual POWER In the Horde and take over that way, rather than challenge a Shaman and an elder.

    And not to mention the wrong person was doing the challenge, Durotan didn't make the Mak'gora challenge, Orgrim did. Ofc It was also useful to him being second-in-command and a blackrock In the actual lore and therefore most respected and powerful besides Blackhand.

    Orgrim defeats Blackhand, Orgrim pokes Gul'dan to stop doing his magicky stuff, slaughters the Shadow Council, as at that time he was assassinating Llane using Garona and also Medivh being struck down sent him Into a coma, him being struck down by Lothar and his gang.

    So yeah, the Mak'gore ofc couldn't go right if the rest of the lore was wrong, but It's still a big no no for me.

    Obviously making a direct copy-paste from the story books onto a movie set won't do It, but they just changed so much It wasn't the story -we- know and It wasn't a film we could show to our friends and family and say "Look, my game's complex storywise and so on and so on, isn't It cool?" whereas now you get them Into the game and they'd be confused lore-wise.

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    I liked the story, and i think that overall it was told in an okay way. They main turnoff for me was the graphics. I expected a movie like the WoW cinematics, and it did not live up to that.

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    I was more hyped in the first minute of the Battle for Azeroth cinematic than the entire Warcraft movie, saying that while I am a diehard Warcraft fan. Problem was underdevelopment of characters because of the small playtime it had. The script was bad, the lore was butchered, it was just an attempt of putting as much in one movie as they could. If you want to build a strong movie or even an universe, take your time. Warcraft lore and it's potential could make for a fantastic trilogy or even a franchise but unfortunately we probably won't ever see a sequal or anything Warcraft related in a movie because of this movie, unless they decide to make an animated one. A longer playtime, a better build-up for the story, the actual story with maybe some tweaks and the movie would've been much better.

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    the movie? well, for one, i would stick to the books. they took it way too far with this "adaptation".

    but i think the best would be to:

    make it an animated movie-series.

    each book, one movie. or more if needed.

    but i guess theres not much money to be made this way.

    and close to zero advertising of the franchise/game.
    which lets be honest, that's what the movie was all about.

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    Original Story no changes for the audience. Instead just have the opening explain what they needed to know.
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    I would of started at warcraft 2 or perhaps three and not try to reinvent the lore to some weird thing about fel orcs having honor.

    They took arguably the most savage lore in the universe and stripped out most of it to make a really weird story that doesn't make sense. I can't imagine how people who didnt know the lore make sense of it. Did they even explain what the dark portal was?

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    the only real problem i had with the movie was the pacing and some of the action scenes. if we want to nit pick: they could've easily introduced Aegwyn instead of Alodi. I think some of the acting was off...and dialogues needed to be better.

    but overall I think the movie was not TERRIBLE. and got seriously hurt by reviewers taking hits at it simply because it was a movie based on a video game.

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    They should've sticked to the story as it was in the books and not twist it into a piece of shit that makes no sense. End it with Stormwind falling and humans fleeing to Lordaeron and start the second part from there.

    Also actors. They may be great actors but most just don't fit the role. Especially Medivh, Llane and Lothar. Travis is awesome but does not fit the hero of the alliance role.
    Gul'dan was probably the best fit. Lllane feels like a stupid little idiot, nothing about him is kingly

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    More Pandas,....voiced by Jack Black. Then you have a hit on your hands.
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    All it needed was to slow down, it was to fast and jumped between to many different things making you not care about any of what was going on.
    Give characters time to develop, give us some character growth through out the film, let relationships BUILD instead of jumping right into it.

    Maybe make some character only related to the film universe, and not the game. So you can ACTUALLY build him/her the way you want the story to make the character rather then having a template of who the character is already.

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    Just would've done a different storyline. Arthas would've been such a killer story that could've been extended to a full trilogy, with fan favorite characters like Jaina and Sylvanas actually being apart of it.

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    Fully rewrite the script?

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