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    anyone who has access to beta can answer these questions;

    1) Which one is superior: animal companion versus dire beast ?
    2) Is chimaera shot viable ?
    3) Lvl 100 talent row: Aspect of the Beast versus Killer Cobra ?


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    1. Animal Companion is not competetive atm, so it's a choice between KI and DB, both are good, DB seems to be slightly better.

    2. Yes very much so

    3. Aspect

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    Btw: I know that Pack Alpha was producing ridicolous numbers. Has the trait been removed?

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    Is it me, or is BM is really gcd locked in BFA? I just specced like the Icy Veins raid build, and the gameplay is fast as fuck, no more waiting on crap like in Legion, you always press something, it was like playing my ww monk.

    At the same time MM is a snooze fest.

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    Well BfA bm looks much more enjoyable and smooth (in my view). Tracking frenzy buffs, new dire beast mechanic, having chimaera shot in your arsenal for cleave, even we have execute (if talented) on top of all of these, finally we get rid of Hati ! (if talented into dire beast).

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