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    Exclamation Feral Druid LF Guild for Mythic Raiding For BFA

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a raiding guild for BFA. I'm mainly looking for a EST raiding guild and if possible twice a week, considering next semester college will be a bit rough on me and I really don't like missing raid nights. I can also make mornings if that's what your raiding schedule is like.

    About myself: I started playing WoW less than a year ago, I've always been a very competitive player and always try to excel in the class I'm playing. Right now, I main a feral druid and that can change for when BFA hits depending on the changes they make when it goes live. I'm 8/11M experienced at the moment. I consider myself a person willing to take criticism if its to improve and I'm always willing to learn.

    I currently play in Stormrage but I don't have a problem in server transferring. I'll possibly be looking to switch over around mid-july or when prepatch eventually hits which I assume will be around that time.


    Discord: Miro#7691
    BNet: MatiasD#11630

    Thank you for reading, have a nice day

    - - - Updated - - -

    It seems I can't post links to my Warcraft logs profile yet, but if you'd like to look me up my character's name is Míro on Stormrage.
    Heroic Parse Average: 97.9 (11/11 H)
    Mythic Parse Average: 74.9 (8/11 M)
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    <Handicap Hangtime> Aerie Peak[A] (11/11M ABT US top 50 two day guild) is now recruiting exceptional players of all classes/roles to fill our roster going into BfA.

    Raid Times:
    Friday & Saturday 7:00pm - 10:30pm EST.

    About Us:
    The founders of <Handicap Hangtime> have raided in hardcore raiding guilds in the past and decided that the stressful atmosphere and demanding raid hours are not what we envisioned our gameplay to be. Our main goal is for raiding to be a relaxing experience while still clearing content in an efficient and timely manner on our two day schedule. We are a close-knit group of friends that are always pushing each other to be better players.

    Current Recruitment Needs:
    - A tank of any class
    - Ranged DPS of any class
    - Melee DPS of any class
    - Resto Druid
    - Mistweaver Monk

    We are always looking for exceptional players regardless of our current needs!

    Apply at:

    Battle.net: Sellas#1342, Mayz#1571, or Milo854#1118

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    I sent you a message on discord. I look forward to speaking with you.

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