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    They will simply notice you are online 24/7, they will whine to a GM if you are hindering their progress and you will get banned.

    Back in 2005 the manpower of GMs and importance of tickets with how buggy the game was, account sharing wasnt allowed, but only major major cases were looked at which is why the majority got away with it.

    In 2018, it will take less than 1h to get you banned ;p

    Also, the "PvP cartel" as you call it, is needed for winning,if you dont win your honor gain will be less than theirs, aka you will never have a chance.

    Dont forget, who gets what was looked at with honor gain, nothing else, compared to the rest of the server at least.

    So if PvP cartel thats gonna get Rank 14 has 1.2mil honor for that week, good luck outfarming him.
    Thanks automated report system. Billions of dollars and they can't even be bothered to look at cases individually anymore.

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    It was possible back in vanilla, the week I got Grand Marshal, another Alliance (a warlock) also got it from their own PvP team.

    I wasn't even aware he was in the race until I saw him also buying his weapons on reset day.

    For reference I was doing about 1,200,000 honour per week for the last rank, playing about 16 hours a day.

    If your cartel is only getting 1.2m honour a week farming 24/7, they are garbage anyway.

    These days I'm afraid that the min/max mentality will make it all but impossible without a cartel.
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    wow, after reading up on all these comments i think back about those days with a little more pride.

    back then i was just playing solo mostly and managed to get up to rank 13, then i started to notice some pvp people treating me differently, some outright flaming me, obstructing me in bg's and what more, i didnt really understood back then where all this was coming from untill i noticed some people i often defeated in bg's got to rank 14 and then heard about people getting boosted by teams, I went on playing my own way and was stuck at rank 13 and kinda sad about it.

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    Well, if you do not plan to do anything else in your life for some months, you even could solo it.

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    More hours put in != more ranks quicker.
    More hours put in = more relative standings.

    It's a relative system, not an absolute system. In theory, you can get there with 2 hours per day, assuming enough of other people play, and that no one plays more than you.

    And by hours put in/plays more than you, I mean to equate that to honour gained.
    If you can't account share, that means no one else can either.
    And someone will get there.
    Then they are (most likely) out of the race. Some griefers and/or people who put pride in it stayed rank 14 for weeks anyway.
    And then a new one will get it.
    And it will cycle through. There will always be chasers. Why can't you be one?
    It's easier for everyone if everyone pre-agree with the standings and order. If anyone breaks it, well they can have fun being blacklisted and not getting invited to the in-BG raid and see their honour dwindle.

    I got it by (effectively) doing 4 hours of BGs per day. Of course, I spent another 4-5 hours in the queue some days. I wasn't the first on our server, and I wasn't the last. But I was a good leader in WSG (not that this was difficult) and I chose to drag the games out for as long as plausible (HK decay). The team supported me. I got three to rank 14 before it was my turn. Why? Because that's what I decided. It made it more likely for people to be apart of the group, since I wasn't placing myself first and I got to see others become better leaders than I was from my initial leadership and slight mentoring through experience.

    Is this what you refer to as an "honour cartel"? In a way, I suppose. But if it's FFA scramble, it will turn into a crab-bucket syndrome where everyone will be pulling down everyone else in order to try to stay on top. It's also unhealthy as it pushes people into playing more to stay ahead.
    Just don't.
    Making friends makes the whole process so much easier than being enemies about it. I took a long break from the game after that (basically played US since two weeks after launch due to game box shipping here, then started EU when RP-PVP servers launched) and got to rank9, rank 8, rank 5 and rank 5 by sporadically playing and making friends. It was hardly a lot of hours put in and most of it was done solo, but I also knew that on this server, if you tried to game the system, the other faction knew who they would gang up on. No match fixing, just favours from the different honour farming groups to another.
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    yes but you'd need to stop sleeping for like a month

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    No. its comparable to trying to race against organised raiding guilds to progress through Mythic, when all you're doing is pugging. Worse yet, in this case, said organised raid guilds (aka pvp guilds) will be farming you to progress themselves further.

    PVP ranks past 8 or so were always an 'in' thing. Its kind of like RBGs or high end arena right now. You don't just show up at 2800 3v3 rating unless you're a really good player who happens to gather 2 other really good unknown players. People just don't do that shit. You get to 2400 with your pleb friends, then people notice you and add you, then you start playing with better players and climb, rinse repeat.

    No one just logs in and shows up at rank 14. Hell, even if you played literally 24/7 using a bot you'd still come nowhere close to the honor levels organised groups can do.

    Another comparison is HK farming. A bot running 24/7 in random bgs could maybe farm about 500 hks a day. In Cata i joined a bunch of Method raiders who were farming HKs in AV. We were farming about 10,000 a day.

    Organised groups will always win. Period.

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    Its going to be quicker if you pre-made your groups. If not, it'll take a lot longer to get your desired rank.

    I think a game like this should not be 100% soloable. I know that seems frustrating for some people, but I know if I was able to solo this entire game and it's challenges, I wouldn't have a need to make friends or be apart of a community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beckers View Post
    Before making stuff up, read first:
    "iphasic sleep is the practice of sleeping during two periods over 24 hours, while polyphasic sleep refers to sleeping multiple times – usually more than two."

    You just both said you sleep multiple times a day and also just once a day for two hours. Are you pre-admitting to account sharing?
    Haha, first thing I thought too, maybe it's just the sleep deprivation though!

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