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For world pvp, rogue. It's not even close. Healing reduction, self heal, mobility, dodge, 30% damage reduction, immunity to spells, damage concentrated to opener, silence, stealth, and a 2 minute reset.

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How are you going to flame someone when you post stats like duels won, which don't take into account the players you duel. People sitting outside org aren't a bunch of glads. More often than not they're bad and are there to improve. Claim experience, but you don't post a picture of it. You've spammed arena since 2014 and the highest you've been was duelist in wod, an expansion where many rivals became duelists. Then you go into Legion and you can't get a single duelist title despite playing every season. Like come on, you're a hardstuck 2k-2.2k player and it shows in the way you speak down to people while being mediocre. You can't even get BFA glad, which is only 2400, yet you speak with so much authority.
Did i offend your boyfriend? i simply put duels on two of my chars as a statement to the fact that i dont have 1-10 duels, ive had my fair share, as it is obviously stated if you could read
why are you talking as if you have any idea about who i am?
comming from a guy who's highest rating ever achieved was 2.1k in legion as a demon hunter, with 1874 exp on a rogue, in arguably the easiest expansion to push in ever made, stop thinking you're so tough
you're comparing a random assa rogue who cant beat mages 1v1 to glads, do you think he would have made this post if he was anyway near 2k lol
stop being an Ehero, and learn to play lol