View Poll Results: First class you ever made in World of Warcraft?

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  • Warrior

    66 19.13%
  • Paladin

    31 8.99%
  • Rogue

    33 9.57%
  • Shaman

    21 6.09%
  • Hunter

    73 21.16%
  • Priest

    14 4.06%
  • Mage

    38 11.01%
  • Warlock

    34 9.86%
  • Demon Hunter

    0 0%
  • Death Knight

    1 0.29%
  • Monk

    0 0%
  • Druid

    34 9.86%
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    Human paladin in Burning Crusade. Played Retribution and Holy through Wrath. I loved FCFS and the 2-piece Icecrown turbocharge to Divine Storm; it was just good, clean, Timmy fun. At the Cataclysm pre-patch, between the time I spent beta testing Arms/Protection and the introduction of Holy Power, I changed mains to warrior and stayed with the class for the remainder of my time in the game.
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    Human Warrior on Hyjal during vanilla.

    Eventually left that account behind (was actually my parents paying for it) once I got back to the game in Wrath.

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    Tauren Warrior. Leveled to 29 or so and gave up because I didn't like stance-dancing.

    Went through a whole host afterwards - Gnome Mage, Dwarf Hunter, until landing on NElf Druid. Stopped playing WoW in late WotLK, picked back up on new account during late MoP, and been maining a warrior ever since (aside from a bit of a stint where my DH was ahead in mid-Legion).

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    It was a warrior because that's what I used to like to play when I was playing D&D. I found out pretty quickly that I didn't much care for it in WoW and rolled a mage and a shadow priest the next day. The shadow priest has been my main ever since. I still have the mage which is always set up for frost. I've made a bunch of alts over the years but those two are to this day the characters I play the most by a long, long way. Melee in video games is just not my thing.
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    haha. So true on the flashers. I see it

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