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    [Afenar UI]

    Hello, I'm Afenar (btag: Afenar#2323 | discord: Afenar#5007)
    The creator of Afenar UI packs based on WeakAuras2 for all specializations in the World of Wacraft

    This is a new thread, old one is here.

    1. Check your WA addon for the last version
    2. Use the newest pack from wago\github
    3. DELETE old pack of auras before importing a new one
    4. /reload ui after the import

    This collection uses textures and fonts from following addons:
    ElvUI+AddonSkins(basic icon style)
    Details DPS meter addon with 1 pixel border feature
    OmniCC for cooldown rows
    You should install all of this to get the same effect as on GIFs

    Pack Links:
    ElvUI profile | WoWinterface

    The collection link:

    Class links and few gifs examples(only small part of all gifs from the wago):


    Other classes:

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    I imported your ElvUI profile and I don't think it looks like yours. Also the tool tip has some really large backdrop when hovering over a spell on the action bar. Here is what mine looks like:

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    Updated all WA packs

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    Thanks for the work, appreciate!

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    All auras been updated according to new WA features
    - New glowing effect (range glowing, expiring, buffed etc)
    - Fixed some old trash

    Tomorrow I will set up new Profile

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    This is something big. Keep it up!

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    Auras been updated for 8.1.5, you can use wago companion to update them faster

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