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    I'd rather just do away with versatility altogether. It's such a boring stat.

    And do away with some of the transmog restrictions. I've always wanted to have a Jedi Knight transmog on my warrior where I'm dual wielding lightsabers and wearing a cloth robe and hood. Also I think restrictions on gray/white gear and what Blizzard calls "silly" mogs should go away.

    At this point, it wouldn't hurt my immersion if I saw clothies running around in transmogged plate gear, especially considering some of the other stuff that's allowed to happen in game.'s ok that we can conjure food out of thin air, time travel, and teleport across entire planets, but we can't have a priest wearing fake plate gear?

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    Ok, let's see.

    - The leveling experience is great, but once you have completed the story of your zones, there's a lack of max level continuation. The War Campaign's gating and overall less quests seems like a downgrade from the Suramar questing.
    - Creation of new NPC`s to advance and have a more deep lore, without having to ress/butcher old characters whose role is not fitting the new development.
    - Class campaings similar to Legion. Choosing your race/class should have more impact in the world you play in. Quests unique to your class/race or even role can give the player more conection with his character and duties.

    - Every class/spec must have a niche in order to perform better in a certain situation. Class buffs are a good beggining, but ultimately is your kit the one which should decide the worth of your spec.
    - Make most of the talents baseline (tuned down if needed) in order to be able to aoe/ST to an extent without the need to change your builds everytime.
    - That doesn't mean your spec would be able to perform well in every situation (the niche is still relevant) but you cannot have specs which are unviable in certain content.
    - Talents should change the way you play by manipulating your existing abilities for your style. There's room for new abilities given by a talent, but those should not be needed to play your base spec (Mop style).
    - Complexity is good. Not every class needs it, but having a few specs that requires more skill/knowledge to play, but at the same time are rewarding when played good, it's a good draw for players who look for a challenge.
    - Revert the GCD change.

    - Remove titanforge. Keep warforged capped at a 10 itlv upgrade.
    - Bring back the Valor badge system.
    - Remove the big random loot from side activities such as Warfronts, emisaries, etc. Valor points would be rewarded from those kind of activities instead, giving the player the opportunity to choose the piece he wants instead of relaying on constant RNG.
    - Trinkets should have a more active impact in your gameplay (at least high end raiding trinkets). With legendaries gone, trinkets can have the role of a targeteable powerful item instead.
    - Slow down the power curve between difficulties/raids. Secondary stats can have a better scaling without massive itlv growth.

    - Remove Heroic Dungeons. They're just pointless now.
    - Bring back Master Loot, activable once your raid group consists on a minimum of 50% guild members.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    A bard would be such class, though.
    Yes, but like I said, the concept of a "Bard" (someone playing music to heal people) is just stupid imo...

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    -Removal of faction barrier. Keep repeating the endless faction war plot (that ended in wc3) if you really must, but let me party with friends that are playing on the opposite faction and have them join my guild.
    -A new class with at least ranged dps and healing specs
    -feeling of exploration similar to Zandalar and Pandaria leveling
    -removal of as many mog restrictions as possible
    - (not a way in hell this is ever happening) but since specs are pretty much as disjointed as classes are, I'd like to be able to respec into another class' spec. My favorite healing classes also happen to have some of my least favorite DPS specs :/
    -automatically phasing into whatever the leader's warmode setting is. A big warning sign is not extremely complicated to code.

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    What I want:
    Classes fixed. Throw away all the contrived new loot systems they keep trying to make. Those seem to be high risk low reward anyway.

    After that I'm still confident in their ability to make adequate content. Just I would like my character that I experience said content with not to feel like crap

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    - metric shit tonne of xmog armour. Warden, blood mage etc stuff.

    - expansions with a smaller focus on them. Not everything is world ending etc

    - more focus on races. Give every race a clear leader and identity. Attached to this fucking sort out forsaken, do they have free will etx erc

    - No more Slyvannas

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    Quote Originally Posted by allegrian View Post
    Bring back long attunements even for lfr, and long quests/achievements to get cool transmog, so the casuals have something to do besides level alts.

    Also, we should have more progresion zones like suramar, for higest level, lots of gameplay mechanics and objectives, such as finding all the portals and beacons.
    There is a shitload to do, lol.

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    Seems like most of the posters in this thread are wishing for WoW to kill itself ASAP.

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    id love it if they could stop making indoor dungeons like waycrest manor where the camera zooms in to almost ego perspective because of small rooms. also i hate bosses like kingaroth or star augur for example once pulled an invisible wall appears that makes the camera collide with it and zoom in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polygnome View Post
    TLDR: the raid concepts are either already in place or wouldn't work
    Fair enough. I was under the impression that Normal bosses, for some reason, still had smaller health pools than their LFR counterparts. If that isn't true, then I retract my original concept for them.

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