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    Summoning Icelord in AV is possible again

    Even though we didn't have enough people to complete the ritual (we won before the ritual ended),the fact that starting the ritual is possible is pretty huge,and I'm really liking how the AV meta evolved since EBGs were put in a separate queue

    Also,if you ever see your team unlock the ice lord of alliance equivalent,please come help them summon,not only it's going to help a lot,but it's also fucking awesome,and would be a great way to appreciate your teammates who went out of their way to collect all the blood/crystals for their efforts

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    Put the landmines back in ! Oh hell put the mines back in, it will be glorious ! Increase the HP of all NPCs bu about 500% and damage by about 200%. AV will be much better then.

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    There should be an achievement for this.

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