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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiav View Post
    ok bm hunters, frost dks and warriors are crap in mythic + and almost no one wants them in a serious pushgroup, unless you play with friends

    WLS on the other hand are still fotm, not sure what you are complaining about
    WTH, frost DKs are amazing in M+.

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    Nightfall need a rework Shadowbolt damage increased by 200% and make your seed of corruption instant and applying agony and corruption

    - - - Updated - - -

    That would be sexy for mythic +

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    Meanwhile Melee classes push one button and aoe everything within range while still doing amazing single target dps with 0 cast times.
    I never understood why warlocks can't do similar. And in before someone says some classes have their "niche"; EVERY melee can pretty much just smash some form of aoe ability without any worries, so it's not a luxury thing for only warriors etc. Some melee are vastly better than other obviously, and some are suffering like feral, but still.

    Some aoe spell would be cool, like the warlock just sucks the soul out of everyone in front of him in a cone, channelled. I feel like aoe drain life could be a bit op if there are tons of adds, unless the life gain is capped.

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    RIP locks followed by shamans and warrior tanks

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    There's no such thing as AoE as affliction.
    Well, DS + darkglare for agony dmg is somewhat nice..

    Give a talent that give Seed also agony

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    Imo the best way to solve aff aoe would be buffing baseline dots and nerfing cds like darkglare and deathbolt a bit, for example, buffing 15% agony and corruption by 10-15%, but nerfing darkglare dmg a bit and effect for 1-2seconds and instead of 30% remaining dot dmg something like 25% or so. It's just an example.

    With this you're also making some talents more viable to compete vs deathbolt, and depending of the agony% and corruption % buff, it would make WiA and AC to be more close and probably for 2-3T you would take WiA and for more you take AC.

    It would not make a super huge change but would help.

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    I've thought of a few changes that could help.
    Buff all dots baseline 5% Increase Mastery by 1.5% baseline; Reduce DG by 3% and DB by 3%.
    Nightfall increases next SB by 50% and adds a 15sec debuff that increases DoT taken by 5%. (This would also increase AoE damage overall also);

    SoS makes your SoC an instant cast and cost no soul shard; OR - SoS makes your SoC apply Agony and Corruption.

    --I think either of these would help overall, removing the shard cost would help UA and the cast time helps with Agony spreading and ramp time. The 2nd option compensates the cast time with ramp time from Agony, especially if you can precast SoC. Pair this with the Nightfall debuff and AoE would be on par with most classes if targets live to a certain point and removes us having to rely on a CD like VT or PS, but still relying on ramp time and not being burst (how it should be)--

    Another idea is a new spell idea overall. In the AoE row add: Shadow Volley - On use, your shadow bolt now copies itself to all nearby targets (15yards) afflicted by your corruption spell at 70% value.
    Granted this would need some tuning for scale and overall damage, but I think it adds value to SoC and still puts emphasis on ramp while but adding some burst to the class overall. Also removes the need to rely on a CD for all of our AoE, OR could put a CD on it of 30 secs so it's comparable to other specs and classes "major" aoe.

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    just revert StS to being +2 seeds or replace it with Legion Soul Flame.

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