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    A new era has begun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinaul View Post
    A link? Hmm...
    It's a youtube video...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinaul View Post
    A link? Hmm...
    A may 2016 join date ? Hmmm...

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    Get a life.
    Ion is watching you Master Loot

    Faction elitism is for losers.

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    music is fine remind me of old cartoon when i was kid

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    A video about a guy with an obvious psychological disorder who likes to troll lfr.

    Quote Originally Posted by Theodarzna View Post
    Side note, did Count Dankula ever say that? Or is the only phrase anyone is allowed to say "Diversity is Strength" while waiting in line for a butterknife permit?

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    sociopaths like that should be banned from life :P

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    Literally nothing to discuss so closing.
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