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    Quote Originally Posted by Exeris View Post
    I really like the sound of that.
    I'd take it with a grain of salt, though.

    For one, the new "talent trees" are often just flat out better than old stuff. Not "different" or "a new choice" but generally just an outright upgrade to whatever your class did before.

    Second, class abilities and talents get changes just like in any other game. Maybe not as drastic as in WoW between expansions, but there are certainly changes. What was good or relevant a year ago won't necessarily be good or relevant today.

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    I started playing GW2 about a week back, as a long time avid WoW player who's kind of run out of content in WoW at the moment (fixed next week obviously).

    My take on it is that coming into it with no real expectations, it's a fun game if you are looking for a casual distraction. A well made game with the usual RPG elements that let's you learn some new stories, see some new views and have some fun figuring out a new combat system.

    I obviously haven't done any end game and I have no idea if I ever will, but the basics of the game are really solid, and if you are like me and just looking for something to do and a nice change of pace from WoW, then I can definitely recommend it. I've had a fun week leveling a Mesmer to 30 on my sister's account and am now playing from scratch on my own (new) account. I'll probably continue dabbling with it for a while, late night and on off raid days.

    I've played on my sister's full account and on my own still completely free to play account, and you can definitely get a good feel for the game without paying a single cent. You can easily level to 30 without the restrictions on a free to play account being much of a bother, the only thing you will run in to is a slightly limited inventory space, but playing to 10-15 with the basic inventory is no problem at all and if you then smartly invest in a few larger 12 slot bags for the 3 slots you have, then you should easily have enough room to not have to constantly fuss with your inventory. And that just costs you in game gold, which is fairly easy to get in the small amounts you need.

    The only personal downside I've seen so far (and this maybe a boon to others) is that the crafting system is sprawling and complex and relatively expensive to level or otherwise VERY grindy. But, you can get around this easily by simply buying on the trading post (AH) what you need, be it gear or whatever.

    Overall, I can definitely recommend giving it a free to play try and seeing how you like it.

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    GW2 is rather hard to get in to, but if you have the ambition to do it and get past the horrendous leveling experience, the game really opens up.
    The thing that did it for me was the very appealing art design and combat mechanics.
    I am not going to delude you - leveling is boring as hell, most of the time you will be running around like headless chicken ticking out PoIs on the various maps. Core Tyria maps are rather uninteresting with no story to be told or drive you onward to complete the map. There are dynamic events, but these are, for the most part, not very interesting activities as they also don't tell a story or have any meaningful or rewarding culmination.

    However, if you press on and complete the personal story, then you can begin the living story episodes and expansion content. Expansion maps are very good with lots of things to do and goals to achieve. Especially HoT maps are always very lively, there's always something going on around you and doing stuff starts to feel rewarding at last - you will be gathering mastery points and experience which will progress your character in some very meaningful way, chasing after achievements, doing mini-games and so on. The environment is dangerous and you will die sometimes if you engage several mobs of the wrong kind.
    You will start looking after better gear, and even if you have some exotics, they will look like crap and you will be watching other players with nice shining armor with envy. You will get into the crafting system, which in this game is core part of the game, not like in WoW nowadays.
    Crafting ascended armor will then lead you to the fractals - fun and short 5-man dungeons with ever increasing difficulty.
    The living story itself gives a bit more insight to the maps you will be playing in and at least to some extent satisfy your need of story-driven experience, which is otherwise severely lacking in this game.

    And i don't even want to spoil the seasonal events that happen here (like around Halloween or Christmas), but i can tell that they are much more fun and in-depth than most other games around.

    Overall a very good game with some core issues. It will not become a main game for many, but can be a great filler game for most MMO players.
    It's cheap to get into, hard to keep your interest in the first 20-30 hours of gameplay, very nice experience after that.

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    It's a buy to play game, just hop onto it whenever you're bored of the current content. The horizontal progression in that game is just perfect and one of a kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yvaelle View Post
    WoW sucks. Shadow is ruined and likely not getting repaired.
    I thought you did a bunch of pvp? Shadow is really good atm and it looks to be getting better in 8.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Appelgren View Post
    I thought you did a bunch of pvp? Shadow is really good atm and it looks to be getting better in 8.1?
    Ya I used to, I haven't competitively PvP'd on my Spriest this expansion. Plus the reason it was good was because in PvP we never use Voidform or any Voidform abilities, we were staying out of Voidform with a Glyph that gave us 20% damage reduction, and a talent that gave us 35% permanent movement speed.

    Damage reduction is getting nerfed in 8.1 for Spriest PvP but we'll be able to use Voidform.

    Frankly though, Voidform is the worst part of Shadow in BFA, and they should just remove it entirely.
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    For the first time I'm actually enjoying Guild Wars 2

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