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    Well, I am not surprised that Prime didn't get the reception WoW Classic got, because it wasn't the same. They didn't reimplement classic Rift, with the old talent builds, questing experience, rifts and invasions. It was literally "current" Rift but capped at 50 (I think). That's what I heard on here, anyway. Once I found that out, I didn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.
    Tbh, to ressurect t his thread. I miss Rift in a way, not the "buy all your tier sets with cash" Rift, but when it was released, unbalanced, buggy and weird as it was. I enjoyed the events, enjoyed parts of the levelling. But it got bnland so fast, there was no reason to really keep playing after a while.

    When I tried to return.. well it went to shit. I wanted to try Prime, saw what it was and much like Pachycrocuta above me, I didn't want to come near it. It didn't help that one of the biggest fanboys of Rift on this forum was also one of the most toxic people on the Rift forum.

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    "Classic" RIFT was amazing. Great (hard mode) dungeons, very nice class design, great leveling experience and the Rifts were fun. Plus their first raids were excellent.
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    I still have fond memories of the first few months of Rift. I especially remember one dungeon in particular, the "heroic" version's end boss was bugged to be enraged pretty much the whole time, or it was just grossly overtuned idk. We kept at it though and ended up killing her and we all roared in celebration lmao. Good times.

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