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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    It is still a huge possibility.
    I agree. We'll have to wait and see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bright-Flower View Post
    I'm not so sure about tinker either, I don't think they're setting up a new class I think they're setting up junker gnomes (or whatever they're called) for an allied race.
    The thing is that the robots that the Island Expedition team summons are called "Tinker Constructs", indicating that the Greasemonkeys and the Roughriders are in fact teams of Tinkers. In addition, both teams utilize abilities from the HotS Tinker hero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Chozo View Post
    Zandalari (and several other troll tribes) have those Golem Patrol thingies going on, like that boss of Gundrak, so they got some sort of engineering going on, but it's not traditional. Could be just magicks.

    But since I play Horde, I've never seen what the Void Elves were capable regarding engineering D:
    Golems are not created through any sort of technology. They are magical by nature and powered by spirits (if I recall correctly). Zandalari certainly don't use the type of engineering technology goblins do, though their ship designs among other things do have their own style of intelligent architectural engineering.

    Specifically, Darkspear trolls (alongside orcs) would naturally take up goblin engineering practices and utilize their technology to become tinkers. And this is acceptable, though naturally troll tinkers would not be a common sight.

    Void elves are blood elves in terms of culture and what they are capable of. Anything blood elves can be, void elves can be (this includes hero classes; the only exception might be paladins); this is especially true in the case of tinkers. That's not to say it would be a common practice for them, but they would naturally be capable of it.

    What I meant earlier, is that they would be acceptable to exclude it simply because they are less likely to be mechanically minded, especially if they are studying the void so far as exiles... and yet they have monks who did so (or trained to be after the fact), so the point is moot. The only reason I mention it is because Blizzard may obsess over perfect ratios of playable races for this class, and in that case void elves could be stretched a bit to have them not have the class if they felt that way.
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