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    Alliance [A][US][Stormrage] <Ante Meridiem> Morning mythic team.

    Ante Meridiem’s morning team is recruiting skillful players for the upcoming tier Battle for Dazar’alor. Ante Meridiem prides itself on being one of the only two remaining guilds that have continuously raided on stormrage since vanilla, proving that keeping the company of excellent players and fostering a positive raid environment results in long lasting success.

    7/8 Mythic Uldir.
    9/9 Heroic Battle for Dazar'alor
    3/9 Mythic Battle for Dazar'alor

    Raiding Schedule

    Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
    9:00am - 1:00pm EST
    We will downshift to 9am to 12pm by removing an hour of raiding after 3 weeks of progression on a new Tier.
    Weeks 1-3 => Wed 4 hrs, Thurs 4 hrs, Fri 4 hrs
    Weeks 4+ => Wed 3 hrs, Thurs 3 hrs, Fri 3 hrs

    Current Recruitment Needs
    Warrior Dps

    Exceptional and progression driven players will be considered regardless of recruitment needs.
    Those looking to apply or those with questions feel free to send us a message on Battle.net.
    Simdrome (Narvosa#1339), Kermite (KermitDaFrog#1283), or Ocean (Oçeanus#1459)
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    Updated needs for mythic dazar alor. Off to a great start this tier!

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    Still looking for some progression focused dps this tier! Strong first two weeks with us pushing into mythic jadefire and beyond next week!

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    Updated needs and current progress. Progressing through mythic these upcoming weeks, come check us out!

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