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    Do you think Minecraft is good for young man ( 6 years old)

    Do you think Minecraft is good for young man ( 6 years old)

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    Very good single player. Lots of skills learnt from it.

    I'd keep him off online though as there are a lot of messed up people out there and 6 is probably a bit young to interact with them.

    lots to do in single player though!

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    no, it's bad ideas

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    Well, if any computer game is good for young kids, it would probably be Minecraft. You can look at it as infinite Legos at a fraction of the cost. I'd imagine it's a good way to build spacial skills and planning. Maybe a good opportunity to build some things together and collaborate. As a kid, I spent many hours digging through the Lego bins, talking about whatever with a friend or just freebuilding by myself and creating worlds. I don't play Minecraft that much these days, but I still value having my own private little world where I can go to be free from the everyday. I think even a 6-year-old may value that aspect.

    6 is pretty young though, and the point about online interactions is very valid, although I have not played multiplayer Minecraft myself.

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    its legos but you never run out.
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