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    Didn't this guy quite during WoD?
    Yeah, but outrage over WoW pays the bills, so he had to come back from a desperate attempt to establish other formats.

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    Dinky games and puzzles are fine for mobile. I don't want to play something like diablo on a phone. Same goes for all of the other pc titles. It's ridiculous.

    If I have five minutes to kill while waiting for something then I might goof around on my phone. If I want to experience an adventure for an extended period of time then I want to be sitting in front of my pc/tv.
    You might not but every child, cousin, grandson or friend of theirs under 18 right now has no interest in being tied down to a PC. The new generation wants portable and live to play games on their ipads, phones, switch type portable devices.

    You're the premium customer but not the average one.
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