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    Quote Originally Posted by Girighet View Post
    Being "half Swedish" means you know how it works in Sweden? I don't think so.
    If you could read that sentence you surely could read the one above it as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    i've said i'd like to have one of those bad dragon dildos shaped like a horse, because the shape is nicer than human.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerfest View Post
    I prefer "enclosed creationist" but yeah, I'm a flat earther.
    Quote Originally Posted by Knadra View Post
    Paying $65 for the first month of BFA is probably the single biggest case of buyer's remorse in my entire life and that's coming from someone who has a liberal arts degree.

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    Leftists and anti-vaxxer pauperists got destroyed, then? Excellent.

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    The country that voted Berlusconi in 3 times so I'm not sure what people expected. Italy is a joke....they keep on voting for people that are openly corrupt AND get convicted for corruption.

    It's a bit telling isn't it about a country that somehow manages to keep on voting for the guy that is Trump on steroids minus the brain damage.

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