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    This is it, except people are using private groups now to talk shit to each other. I know because I'm in many of them lol.. otherwise I'd be banned on literally everything. The internet is a bunch of fucking pussies these days.
    Fite me IRL !

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    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    yeah, i don't really give much of a shit about race, only in the sense that i hate to lose things in general. not being able to see that type of person anymore would be bad i think, like not being able to see a tiger or snow leopard anymore. but eh, ultimately doesn't matter, as long as western culture survives.

    and yeah, corporatist hate to see their gods threatened in any way. for some many years it's been on the right, now the left has been infected with it.
    No such thing as "western culture" and no such thing as a stagnant culture. "Western culture" will not survive simply because if it did it would die of boredom and natural causes. All cultures are in constant flux and your western one would be unrecognizable if you traveled back in time just 50 years. French food is a perfect example of this. 50 years ago every sizable town had a pricey French restaurant and they refused to change, stayed 100% French and traditional...and they died out.

    ...and no, the "left" is not responsible for corporatism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Najnaj View Post
    ...and no, the "left" is not responsible for corporatism.
    They sure use it when it looks like it can give them a political advantage over the right, which is super dumb IMO. Corporations were never our friends, and especially never a friend of people on the left.

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    Dude I logged into a game I was unfamiliar with (apex legends) had no idea what I was doing because there's no solo queue mode I went in with a 3 person group. Who proceeded to curse me out for the next 15 minutes for every single mis-step.

    Civility my ass.

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