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    Terrible lag!

    This sharding CRAP has got to go.

    14 fucking years of this shit and you'd think you'd learn to PREPARE for an influx of players returning for a patch.

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    Well... Been waiting for wintergrasp for a very long time, but not going to sub just for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eapoe View Post
    Ah, another person complaining about portals who probably never even used 90% of the ones we had and doesn’t realize there’s only 2 disappearing that have any decent impact.
    as a horde player, i use the legion dala to karazhan portal a lot and i use the portal to cot weekly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silakka View Post
    Well... Been waiting for wintergrasp for a very long time, but not going to sub just for that.
    then sub for the wonderful addition of something else and get wintergrasp as a bonus. problem solved

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    Quote Originally Posted by FecundDecay View Post
    A lot more happened in prior patches and expansions that didn't require 8+ hours of servers being completely offline, so I find your argument a bit dubious.
    Oh, yes, they did. This kind of thing has been happening for years. In fact, it wasn't so long ago that this was the maintenance schedule every Tuesday, not just patch day.
    Still calling them out, one infraction at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stormbringer View Post
    I wonder why it took them so long to get this change figured out. If this any of the previous expansions I would've been delighted by it.
    Same here. It's too little to late for me to be excited or even just kind of happy about it.

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    In-the-gar-den, rolly-polly fish heads. Fish-heads, fish-heads, eat them up yum!

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    Get the 120 heirlooms on my rogue, it removes the azerite parts, you will feel a HUGE loss of HP/DPS omg

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    Meh not excited by this patch, just feel meh, another huge buff to "wasting time not playing the actual game", the only thing really keeping me sub'ed/logging in at this point is doing old content besides raiding, and now you just made it take much longer by removing the portals, waiting on flying from point A->B is not fun or engaging content sorry.

    Kul Tiran Human and Zandalari Troll Allied Races - Meh takes way to long to level these days with the past XP increase, it's not fun doing the same class from 1-120 the 3-4th time (who doesn't have >20-30 alts by this time)
    War Campaign Continues - Ah a few quests with a pointless horde vs alliance story, meh such content
    Warlords of Draenor Timewalking - decent addition, but don't really find timewalking fun to PUG.
    Professions - Tools of the Trade Quests - Utter garbage for most proffs.
    Brawler's Guild Returns - ok addition
    New Raiding with Leashes Pet Achievement - wow a whole new achievement, such content, and its even for the exciting pet battles (irony might be present)
    New Micro Holidays - Free T-Shirt Day and Luminous Luminaries - Probably forget to log in those specific days, since there is nothing worth doing anymore, so why log in daily.
    New Main Hub Portal Rooms - Thanks, you just made doing old content, that more of a waste of time, at least create a portal room that has all the old portals, instead of this junk.
    Island Expedition BoA Gear Tokens - Why would i waste tokens on that junk for one time use items, which are also really low ilvl.
    Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch Remastered - don't PVP, so couldn't care less.
    New Brawl - Comp Stomp - don't PVP, so couldn't care less.
    Hati Returns with New Customization - decent content, hati shouldn't have been removed in the first pllace, so not really "adding" much new content as such are we.
    Heirloom Upgrades and Cost - Low ilvl heirlooms, the last time i went all in on heirloom gear, then you increased the lvling time 2x / reduced the effects from the heirlooms / made stuff take alot longer to kill, thanks alot, not falling for that again, esp. not with these stupid gold prices.
    Darkmoon Faire Additions - Wow a roller-coaster, that does the exact same thing as the existing carousel, such content.

    The 2 boss raid better to effing good to make up for this huge disappointing patch, probably going back to just raid logging, that is literally the only thing keeping me from unsubbing, its hard enough to get enough people to raid on the non high pop servers as is.
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