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You can use it only once per hour and must hope to get the right 1 of 5 outcomes, and use that to get a 10 minute window of increased proc chance (about 1.8 instead of 1.4 for me, so basically double the proc chance). Only having the sphere in your bag does nothing. Still pretty awesome, even if you have to sometimes wait a day or two before getting prosperity.

3x on average is very much an outlier, you should craft a couple hundred flasks/pots and check again.
Made like 300 flask so far, but yeah, even that is a small sample. Even if I am low on some herbs when I proc prosperity I just buy some herbs and make before the timer runs out. It can of course transform to prosperity at the wrong time, it happens, but mostly I am free to get something out of it.

Sure, I think it's awesome, some others might not, even the disguise is pretty cool imo. Only letdown is the healing pot! But hey, 2 out of 3 is cool